Ready 4 Learning – Ready 4 Life

When students join as new entrants, we look at their transition into school through a Ready 4 Learning lens. We believe that until a child has developed the key early learning competencies they are unable to successfully engage with school-based learning. Through developmental play, the children explore the environment around them and through prevocational discussion they develop these competencies.

  • Seeing – being able to recognise similarities and differences, patterns and visual memory

  • Speaking – vocabulary, conversation and verbalising thoughts, thinking and ideas

  • Hearing – hearing and making sense of the world around them

  • Moving – co-ordination, balance, core strength, gross motor skills, fine motor skills, staying on task

  • Print Concepts – becoming aware of printed text and books

  • Key Competencies – managing self, relating to others, thinking, using language, symbols and text, participating and contributing

Recommended Parent Reading

Ready 4 Learning – Ready 4 Life

Building foundation skills to support children throughout their lives

by Vince Ford, Andrea Ford and Carolynne Masson

Published by Clarity Education (ISBN 978-0-473-54146-0

“Teachers and parents are crying out for resources just like this one – a resource that explains the multiple benefits of play and how it empowers children to learn.”

Nathan Wallis, Neuroscience Educator