Our Board of Trustees is a hard working parent group who are committed to the high standards and strategic goals of our school.  They represent our parent community and provide leadership and direction to the school management. The Board meet once a month in the staffroom and these meetings are always publicised in the weekly newsletter.   Parents are welcome to attend as observers and may apply for speaking rights.

The Board’s Role

The B.O.T assume a governance role within the school. Governance is a “hands off” process whereby the Board ensures that the school is well managed and led without itself doing the managing. Therefore the B.O.T is not directly involved in the day to day running of the school. Concerns or complaints regarding staff, pupils or school organization should be first directed to the teacher then Deputy Principal, or Principal. Should a satisfactory resolution not be achieved using the above system an approach to the Board by letter outlining the situation is appropriate.

Generally the Principal will deal with the vast majority of situations.

Contact with the Board

If you wish to contact a Board member you can do so by going through the school office or by email at BOT@windyridge.school.nz

Meet the Team


Chairperson & Property

I’m Marie Cheeseman, I have four children, one in year 6, one in year 4, and one in year 2, and one who will start in 2022.  I have been on the BOT since late 2017 and am currently responsible for the Property Portfolio. I joined the BOT because I wanted to be involved in helping our school be the best it can be. My vision for Windy Ridge school is that all children are supported to reach their potential.


 Kia ora, ko Stacey toku ingoa.  I am a parent elect on the board and currently have two children attending WRS, Kayla in Year 5 & Kalen in Year 2, however you may have also seen my younger son, Mac around making himself very comfortable!   I am passionate about all children being able to come to school, enjoy learning in a safe, happy environment & create great friendships.  I believe it is our role on the board to help the school and community provide a place for all students to shine. Windy Ridge is a great little school, and I am looking forward to helping it, along with the staff and community, continue to grow into an innovative, forward thinking, enjoyable community school.  Ngā mihi.

Hi, I’m Susan Andrews, and Mum to Mia who is a Year 2 Pukeko this year at WRS in Room 8. I’m eager to join the board to be more fully involved and better understand the workings of WRS so that I can make a useful contribution toward the school being the best that it can be for our children, their teachers and as part of the wider community. I hope to assist by putting to use skills I’ve picked up at work (in local and central government roles) and in life!! – including some insights as the daughter of a school teacher growing up and of the inner workings of local government, and as an enthusiastic team member and communicator. I am supportive of the school as a leader in play based learning and the real life skills this is equipping our children with that will assist them to truly succeed in life in combination with their academic learnings, and excited to be a part of what comes next in the WRS educational journey!!


Konnichiwa! I am Mei Anderson, and a Mum to Maia in Year 4 and Kasey in Year 1. I emigrated to NZ from Japan in 2008. I am a brand-new board member, and I am assisting with the property portfolio alongside with Marie. I strongly believe in the benefits of play-based learning from the experience of Playcentre. I feel grateful to share my experiences with children in the aspects of cultural diversity. I am very excited to work along with our passionate Board members and staff, for the best of the school, for our beautiful tamariki and the dedicated teachers in Windy Ridge School. Thank you.