Kia Ora, Nǐ hǎo 你好, Yeoboseyo 여보세요 , Kon’nichiwa こんにちは   

Welcome to Windy Ridge School which welcomes International Students. Our school is a perfect place for your child to learn about the culture and environment of New Zealand.

New Zealand’s international borders are currently closed due to Covid-19 but we look forward to welcoming international students again in the future.
Our School

Windy Ridge School in Auckland, New Zealand is a learner-centered environment, with a focus on collaborative and play-based/experiential learning. We are proud of our school culture. We offer many opportunities for our students to learn, achieve and succeed academically, socially, culturally and in sports.

​We are a Silver Enviro School connected to the Kāipatiki region of Auckland’s North Shore. Our students are proud and respectful of their school and their local environment. ​At Windy Ridge School, we celebrate cultural diversity, and value the contribution that students and families from different countries bring to our school community.

International Student Welfare

The International Student Director oversees and supervises international students’ welfare. As a signatory to the Education Code of Practice 2016 (Pastoral Care of International Students), Windy Ridge School considers the students’ welfare to be of paramount importance.


All Year 1-6 International Students enrolled in New Zealand schools must be living with their parent or legal guardian while in New Zealand. A parent or legal guardian is defined as a person who is legally responsible for the student.