We believe that for their educational, social and emotional well-being students grow best when they learn through an experiential/play-based approach which is connected to balanced core academic learning (Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Inquiry).

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematical thinking) provides a hands-on approach that is used to widen the learning experiences and inform students’ personal inquiry passions and interests.

“Studies show that play is essential for a happy childhood and that it has a vital role in both physical and brain development. Children tap into their natural curiosity and creative thinking through play. Play helps the brain form new connections, it helps children to grow their abilities and to learn and explore new ideas, as well as develop emotional and social skills.”

Vince Ford, Andrea Ford and Carolynne Masson, Ready 4 Learning Ready 4 Life

At Windy Ridge students develop the five Key Competencies as outlined in The New Zealand Curriculum :

Thinking | Relating to Others | Using Language, Symbols, and Texts | Managing Self | Participating and Contributing

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The Key Competencies
Our curriculum is designed to engage, excite and grow students’ whole learning competencies to prepare them for a future of life-long exploration and learning.

Obviously, experiential/play-based learning evolves as students grow and looks different at different levels.

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