Windy Ridge School Board

The Windy Ridge School Board is a hard working parent group who are committed to the high standards and strategic goals of our school. They represent our parent community and provide leadership and direction to the school management. The Board meets twice a term, with meetings publicised in the weekly newsletter. Parents are welcome to attend as observers and may apply for speaking rights.

The Board’s Role

The School Board assume a governance role within the school. Governance is a “hands off” process whereby the Board ensures that the school is well managed and led without itself doing the managing. Therefore the Board is not directly involved in the day to day running of the school. Concerns or complaints regarding staff, pupils or school organization should be first directed to the teacher then Deputy Principal, or Principal. Should a satisfactory resolution not be achieved using the above system an approach to the Board by letter outlining the situation is appropriate.

Generally, the Principal will deal with the vast majority of situations.

Contact with the Board

If you wish to contact a Board member you can do so by going through the school office or by email at

For more information about school boards, their roles and responsibilities please refer to the following Ministry of Education link.

Meet the Team
Marie Cheeseman
Marie CheesemanParent Board Member & Property
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Stacey Anderson
Stacey AndersonParent Board Member
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Susan Andrews
Susan AndrewsChairperson
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Kavita Budhia
Kavita BudhiaParent Board Member
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Tania StephensStaff Board Member
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Minutes to School Board Meetings

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