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Mathathon Term 3 Sheets

Mathathon Stage 7 Mathathon Stage 6 Mathathon Stage 5 Mathathon Stage 4 Mathathon Stage 3 Mathathon Stage 2 Mathathon Stage 1

By |9th August 2016|2016 Posts|0 Comments

Our Class – Room 10!

What a great class of children we have in Room 10 this year!  Click on photos to enlarge.  

By |25th March 2015|WRS 2015 Posts|0 Comments

Rona and the Moon

One day Rona needed water ... but her husband was not there. So she went to get it herself . But the moon went behind a cloud and she tripped . She shouted " You [...]

By |4th December 2014|WRS 2014 Posts|2 Comments

Santa Parade

Santa Parade We got on the float at 11am.  I was really nervous about this.  But once I got on I had the courage to wave and smile at the time. Then we stopped and [...]

By |25th November 2014|WRS 2014 Posts|1 Comment

The Friendly Beach

I went to the beach and met my friend. We called it the friendly beach because the water sounded like it was talking to us in a gentle voice.  The sand felt like it was [...]

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My rainbow similie

As red as a beautiful rose :mrgreen:   As Orange as my new shiny orange t-shirt....  ... :lol:   As yellow as a sparkling star  :cry. As green as leafy trees . As gaudy as a purple ring.    [...]

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My new bedroom

Today I am moving to my brother's room.  Now it will be my room.  My mum bought me a fluffy owl.  When he comes back I will need to sleep with Lucas in my bed.  [...]

By |11th November 2014|WRS 2014 Posts|3 Comments

Elements of Dance

By |5th November 2014|WRS 2014 Posts|5 Comments


On sunday the 2 of November my Mum did a quarter marathon . It was  big!  It went over the bridge into the city. It went from Akoranga to Victoria park.  There was lots of drinks and food. Me, dad and [...]

By |4th November 2014|WRS 2014 Posts|1 Comment

The Crocodile in China

Chrystal and Mrs Hurley and Meagan and Arisara were in the shop.  We saw two  crocodiles in the shops.   We  were spies.   The crocodiles  got  away.  "Oh no  the  crocodiles got away again!" I said By Chrystal

By |4th November 2014|WRS 2014 Posts|0 Comments