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The students in Room 1 have been learning to use the elements of art (line, form, space, shape, colour and tone) in creating a self-portrait.  Take a look at how great our pictures look!

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Maths Roadshow

Here are photos taken of the middle school at the Maths Roadshow on the 8th of August.  The challenging activities really required the students to use their problem-solving skills!  Click on images to enlarge the [...]

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In Room 1 we are learning to think like scientists.  Some of the experiments we have undertaken are Dancing Raisins, soda and vinegar reactions, floating eggs, exploring floating and sinking, and mixing of milk, food [...]

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Rm 1’s “Seasons” Powerpoints

This term in ICT we have been learning how to use Powerpoint, and we have created short presentations about the Four Seasons.  Check them out below . . . [...]

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