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August 9th 2017

Term 3  Week 3

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Respect, Resilience, Kindness, Integrity

Hello, Hola a todos, Kumusta, Annyeonghaseyo, Ni Hao, Konichiwa, Namaste, Zdravstvuyte, Ciao, Cześć, Hallo, Bonjour, Salut, Fakalofa Lahi Atu, Talofa Lava, Kia Orana,  Kia Ora Koutou

News from the Principal 

Student Led Conferences – Thank you 

Thank you to the families that joined us last Wednesday for the Student Led Conferences.  Our students are increasingly confident in sharing their learning with others, and are very proud of the responsibility to share it with you.  This is another way that we are working to encourage greater responsibility for learning from our students.  Our goal is to ensure that our students leave our school as confident, connected and self managing learners.  The world needs creative, critical and collaborative people to solve the problems that still challenge us.  To do this they need to know what they know, what they don’t know yet and how to get there.

Learning Environments and the Media

There has been a lot of comment in the media recently about the decisions being made by the Ministry of Education in relation to the shape of learning environments across NZ schools, in particular the shape and size of classrooms and learning spaces.  Whether they be the traditional classroom space or the large open-plan space, there will be opinions about which is best and why.  We all remember what we had at school and when things look different it can create some anxiety or questions.  However there has been little reference in the media stories to the vast amount of international research that is available that supports the changes being made in our education system.

Every school is looking for ways to engage students and raise their achievement, particularly for those students who are not making expected progress.  We investigate and research different programmes, strategies and structures that will impact positively on student learning.   One of those strategies is the implementation of a collaborative teaching and learning environment.   WRS always puts its learners at the centre of our decision making process, and as a team we are currently reflecting on our practice to ensure that our students are given the best opportunities we can provide for them.   The physical space is only one very small aspect of a flexible learning environment; more of it is about the student’s ownership of their learning.  While we have modified some of our teaching spaces to allow for a flexible use of space, we can control the size and use of those spaces to best suit the activities we have planned.  The design was deliberate and meets the needs of our teachers and students.

Here is one of the international research papers that explains the thinking and recommendations behind the change in learning and teaching that helps us to prepare our students for the world they are living in.  The Nature Of Learning (OECD)

The question we need to be asking ourselves is How do we prepare students for their future, not our past?  

Upcoming Events and Trips
**** School Notices are available on the school website. ****
  • Science in a Van – 30th August  – newsletter on the school website and Facebook  Science in a Van
  • Dance – Hip Hop Yr 4 Dance Hip Hop Year 4 starting yesterday and every Tuesday afternoon for the next 5 weeks.
  • Dance – Ballroom Yrs 5 & 6 Dance Ballroom Year 5 & 6 starting tomorrow and every Thursday afternoon for 6 weeks.
  • Assemblies for this term:  Week 4 Fantail team, Week 6 Tui team, Week 8 Falcon team, Week 10 All teams (Inquiry presentation)
  • Team Falcon Trip –  Kelly Tartltons Friday 18th August Team Falcon – Kelly Tarltons Trip
  • Cross Country – Monday 4th September
  • Reviewing school policies
    1. Visit the website SchoolDocs – WRS
    2. Enter the username (windyridge) and password (WRS0629).
    3. Follow the link to the relevant policy as listed.
    4. Read the policy.
    5. Click the Policy Review button at the top right-hand corner of the page.
    6. Select the reviewer type “Parent”.
    7. Enter your name (optional).
    8. Submit your ratings and comments.
  • THERE IS NO CAR-PARKING FOR PARENTS TO DROP OFF AND PICK UP CHILDREN FROM WITHIN THE SCHOOL GATES.  Please ensure you park sensibly and legally on the road outside the school. School carpark gates will be shut from 8.30am. Visitors to the school during school hours can park in the visitor parking in the back carpark between 9.00 am and 2.30 pm. (Mobility taxis use this space otherwise).
  • Online Learning Support – Sunshine Online; or iPad and android app (yellow).  Username : windyridge1     Password : windyridge
  • Lost Property- collected and stored in the Health Room.
  • Attendance – Please ensure that your children arrive at school on time and that we are aware of their absence by 9 am each day.  We do follow up lateness and absence as we are required to report on both to the Ministry of Education and the Board of Trustees.  If you are planning a holiday in term time please advise your child’s teacher and the office.
  • Banking day is Thursday – please send ASB envelopes to the office.
  • Ez Lunch is available all days of the week. Please go to  to register and order.  More information available at the office.
  • WINDY RIDGE PARENTS Facebook – We have a closed Facebook page for Windy Ridge parents – you need to request to be part of this page. Search – Windy Ridge Parents. It is a valuable page for reminders, information, and general WRS ‘stuff.

Term dates 

School Terms 2017

Term 3      Monday 24 July – Friday 29 Sept

Term 4      Monday 16 October – Friday 15 Dec

                   Labour Day – Monday 23/10

School Terms 2018

Term 1     Thursday 1 February – Friday 13 April

                   EASTER: Friday 30/03 – Tuesday 3/04

Term 2     Monday 30/04 – Friday 6/07

                   Queens Birthday: Monday 4/06

Term 3     Monday 23/07 – Friday 28/09

Term 4     Monday 15/10 –  17th or 18th Dec (tbc)

                    Labour Day – Monday 22/10

PTA News 

  • Ice Skate Tour – We are excited to have the ice skating rink back with us again in the  school hall from Thursday 10th – Friday 11th August from 3pm to 7pm & Saturday 12th August from 10am to 4pm.  Prices include ice skates, helmets and gloves.  Lessons can be purchased from the office with this from which came home today. IceSkateTour
  • Chocolates –  REMINDER!!!!
    Thank you for the amazing support we have received in our Whittakers Chocolate fundraising project! Please bring your money into the school office as soon as possible
  • Entertainment Books – This month and next we are selling entertainment books as a fundraiser with $14 from each book being donated to the school.  We have a sample book in the office with order forms or see the attached link to order a book or digital membership online
  • Mindfulness & Yoga – We have the lovely ladies from Jayayoga Studio coming to give a Yoga Class at our Hall on Saturday 19th August 2-4pm it will be focused around Breath, Mindfulness and Gentle Movement. The PTA will be providing refreshments after the class. This is a great way for you to take some time out de-stress and unwind. Tickets are $10 they will be going on sale shortly. Mindfulness & Yoga Fundraiser
 Community News


Parents and any students who want to have a look around GIS are welcome to come for a tour.

Please call the school office (444-6582) to book your time.

Tuesday 15 August, 22 August

9.30am, 11.30am, 2pm


Parents can enrol at the GIS school office at any time during the school day (8.30am-3.30pm).

Enrolment evenings – 12th and 14th September – office open until 7pm

Please help us plan effectively for 2018 by submitting your enrolment by 29th September at the latest.


The 2017 Auckland Regional Sport Stacking Tournament will be held on Saturday, 12 August in Murrays Bay Intermediate School gymnasium. All details are on our website:



Wairau Intermediate School will be holding open days during school hours on Wednesday 30 August and Thursday 31 August and an open evening on Thursday 31 August from 7.00-8.30pmCurrent Year 6 children and their parents / caregivers are invited to visit the school during these times.  Enrolment packs will be available at the open days and evening and can also be obtained by phoning the Wairau Intermediate School Office on 410 7805.  Our enrolment week is Monday 4 – Friday 8 September during school hours.   Year 6 students from our main contributing schools will be attending transition days in August.   Should you wish your child to come along and join in on one of these visits, this can be arranged by phoning the school office.
Is your child shy? Do they feel intimidated by the idea of public speaking and performance? Do they sometimes find it difficult to make eye contact? Do they just need dedicated time per week to just be CRAZY?! Come and join the revolutionary self-confidence programme – Marrzipan! We run awesome classes at school, which focus on key life skills and public speaking ability. We play fun engaging games and perform at the end of term once to parents and once to their peers. All scripts are original, engaging, educational and HILARIOUS. You can sign your child up for a Trial Lesson via our website (we have contact numbers on there too, should you prefer to talk to a human!)
Raeburn House
Parenting Anxious Teens & Tweens
 YOUNG AT ART, AFTER SCHOOL ART CLASSES (5yrs-15yrs) are open for bookings. Available in Beach Haven and lots of other venues across Auckland. Inspire and encourage your youngcreative while they have fun learning technique and theory along the way.  For more information and bookings  or to talk to us about a FREE TRIAL please check out or email: 
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Kaipatiki community Bushcare Days
Mathematics with Numicon
Plastic Free K

Kaipatiki Community Facilities Trust Sustainable Neighbourhood Project.

Boomerang Bags ` `made in Kaipatiki “ is a community driven initiative tackling plastic pollution at the grassroots level through our KCFT Sustainable Neighbourhood Projects which is supported by the Birkenhead Licensing Trust.   The many dedicated volunteers get together to make re-usable bags using recycled materials as a means to provide a sustainable alternative to plastic bags in Kaipatiki.

To set the scene, of Plastic Free Kaipatiki, we absolutely need your help!   Keen Volunteers needed to help with cutting  and sorting the materials, pinning, ironing, stamping and sewing at the planned sewing bees.
All ages welcome! No experience required – sewers non sewers…….churches, community sites………every one volunteer is exceptional……..if you’re keen please let us know,   or if you  can donate material for this programme…….or other ideas, we welcome contact   Let’s see how many sewing bees we can add to the existing  at Bayview Community Centre,   Chartwell Hub and Beach Haven Community House.  Our  two lovely project leads Tracey and Alana……would be keen to hear from you.

The Facebook Page  Boomerang Bags North Shore Auckland    Thank you.