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June 29th  2016

Week 9 Term 2

School Bank Account:  ASB 12 3072 033 4812 00

Hola a todos, Kumusta, Annyeonghaseyo, Ni Hao, Konichiwa, Namaste, Zdravstvuyte, Ciao, Hallo, Bonjour, Salut, Fakalofa Lahi Atu, Talofa Lava, Kia Orana,  Kia Ora Koutou

News from the Principal

School Website

We have upgraded our school website and are really pleased with the look of it.  It is now mobile friendly, and much easier to navigate around using phones and tablets.  The address remains the same ( and all the same information is available, including copies of school newsletters and notices.  At the very top of the page you can choose to change the language of the text, to support those families who speak another language at home.   We have added a quick link to both EZLunch and Kindo, as well as KidsLink, giving you access to a range of information about services to support school aged children.  On the menu bar at the top is a link to the Online News – this is where we will be loading all the children’s work, photos and videos related to their classwork and extra activities. This requires a password for you to access it, providing a level of security for your child’s name and images.  This login information will be sent to you in an email.

In order to receive online newsletters and alerts or login to the Online News you will need to have a current email address.   If you do not have one and need some guidance please come and see us and we will help you set one up.

If you currently receive a paper newsletter, please be aware that we are looking to phase this form of communication out.  We are moving to an online system as we are trying to minimise the amount of paper we use and copying we are doing at the school, supporting our EnviroSchools philosophy.   We would really appreciate your support in doing this.   We would like to go ‘paperless’ from the start of term 3.  Please make contact with the office if this deadline is a problem for you.  Otherwise please forward your email address to school and we will sign you up as a subscriber.

School Reports and Student Led Conferences 

At the end of this term Reports will be sent home for most children, with the exception of those junior students who received a report in term 1.

On Wednesday of week 2 (3 August) we will be closing school early to allow time for students and families to meet to discuss their learning.  Student Led Conferences are an opportunity for your child to reflect on their learning and explain in their own words their effort and achievements so far this year.  This process is powerful in developing both accountability and responsibility, contributing towards our goal of growing independent and reflective learners.   Teachers and learners spend a lot of time preparing for these conferences and students always look forward to sharing their work with you.  Teachers will be available in rooms to clarify or expand on any information the children share with you.  If you have specific questions or concerns, it would be useful to communicate those to the teacher prior to the meeting so they can ensure they address them at the conference, or make another time to meet with you.  Mrs Millard will also be available to speak with those families involved with the ESOL programme.

We will send home information next week about how to book your conference time.

The Library will be open also and we encourage you to visit while you are at school for the conferences.  In the library you can view the Scholastic Book Fair, purchase books for your family and meet with the Principal or Deputy Principal of Glenfield Intermediate School who will be here to answer any questions you may have about their school.  We have moved the Library to the Hall classroom space so we have a room available for our term 3 New Entrant room.

Leadership Assembly – Monday 9.30am

At assembly next Monday we will be celebrating Leadership.  We have student presentations on leadership, items from Glenfield Intermediate Leaders, certificates focused on recognising leadership within the school and a presentation from Sir Peter Blake Trust and Westpac bank.  In honour of Sir Peter’s famous lucky red socks we encourage everyone to wear something red on the day.  We look forward to seeing you there for the last assembly of the term.

Next term our assemblies will go back to Friday mornings as swimming is later in the day and will not clash.

Board of Trustees

Congratulations to Caroline Hudson, the new Board Chair, elected at the first meeting of the Board last night.  In future all our meetings will be at 6.30pm, and will continue to be advertised in the newsletter and on the school calendar (see the website).

Road Patrol

We really need some more Road Patrol volunteers to help us supervise the crossings in the mornings and afternoons.  If you are able to do this one day a week (or more) please make contact with the school office.


  • Attendance – Please ensure that your children arrive at school on time and that we are aware of their absence by 9.00am each day. We do follow up lateness and absence as we are required to report on both to the Ministry of Education and the Board of Trustees.
  • Sunhats are recommended for all students this term.
  • Banking day is Thursday – please send ASB envelopes to the office.
  • Ez Lunch available every day. Please go to to register and order.  More information available at the office.
  • PTA Facebook – Information about our fabulous PTA is available online on Facebook. Search ‘Windy Ridge School PTA’ for the page and join up for updates and information about events and news.
  • WINDY RIDGE PARENTS Facebook – We have a closed Facebook page for Windy Ridge parents – you need to request to be part of this page.      Search – Windy Ridge Parents. It is a valuable page for reminders, information, and general WRS ‘stuff’.

Term dates and Upcoming Events

  • School PhotosTuesday 5th July – collect a sibling photo envelope from the office if you wish to have a group photo taken.
  • End of term – 3pm on Friday 8th July.

School Terms 2016

Term 3     Monday 25th July – Friday 23rd September

Term 4     Monday 10th October – Wednesday 14th December (tbc)

School holidays during the term:

  • Labour Day – Mon 24 Oct


Chocolates – Remember to bring your money or any left over chocolates into the office asap.  We will be drawing the prizes next Thursday, so get your money in to be in to win!

Meeting – We are having our meeting tonight Wednesday 29th June at 7pm at the Postmans Leg, love to see you there.

Community News

The Kids Coach – Term 3 Classes – Glenfield 

Bully-proof – Assertiveness, Confidence and Communication Skills for primary school kids (7 weeks starting Monday 1 August 4:30-5:20pm)

Train of Thought – Navigate the ups and downs of life more easily with optimism, resilience and a positive attitude(8 weeks starting Tuesday 2 August, Primary 4:30-5:20pm, 11-13 yrs 5:30-6:20pm)

All classes include a Parent’s Workshop and are jam packed with resources.

Bookings and Queries: or 

Synchronised Swimming



Stu Duval

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