There was a competition for the best decorated spring walker so we gathered our ideas on the board. We named our walker Steve.

We divided the spring walker into several parts and each group was responsible for their part. Clare even created a bag tag just like the real one for Steve. Every piece had to have something on it that related to the things we had been doing around our school TravelWise theme.

Our plan for Steve

On the Day:

The school gathered for an assembly. The competition entries were shown and the activities explained.

The activities started on a high for us.We had been awarded first prize for Steve and with it a promise of a hot chip lunch at a later date. Hmmm that was delicious by the way.

Spring Walkers Day was so much fun. We participated in many different activities. The treasure hunt in the sandpit was our favourite. We also loved the inside activity, creating a gumboot, because Room 11 are soooo creative.

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Thanks to Mrs M and the TravelWise Team. Great planning and cool activities.