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Rhiannon’s New Jandals

Look at the great story Rhiannon wrote about what she did in the holidays! (Click on photo to see larger)

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Going to the Zoo

In the holidays I went to the zoo.  It was so cool because for the first time Anthony came with us.  He wanted to be a cotton top tamarin.  He said "Am I a monkey?" [...]

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Seeing Dolphins and a Whale

In the weekend we went to Mangawhai.  We went onto the boat and we saw heaps and heaps of dolphins and we saw one massive whale.  They are so, so, so big.  I have never [...]

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Micaela’s Writing

In Room 1 this term we are learning about procedural writing.  Micaela did a great job on her first learning task about procedural writing.  Well done Micaela!  (Click on photo to see larger version).

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Elmer the Elephant

Room 2 has been reading lots of 'Elmer the Elephant' books, and we had an elephant parade!  (Click on photos to see larger version.)  

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Team Fantail Swimming

Team Fantail are very excited to be starting our swimming lessons tomorrow! Here are a few notes that will hopefully answer any questions you may have. Feel free to ask any member of the team [...]

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