On Sundays I go to church.  My family goes with me.  Sometimes others from my family come too.

There are things that we do there, like Kids Club.  The church is as big as our school hall.  We just got permission to use our new hall that got built with a lift.  We had a big celebration.

We sing lots of songs before going to our age group.  Ethan to Red Rock.  Anna and me to Kids Rock.  Then more songs for the adults.  One of the songs we sing is Amazing Grace.  There are a lot of children there.

At the end of every church day there is morning tea for everyone.  One biscuit for each kid!  After morning tea the kids ask and shout “Can we please have pies, can we have pies Daddy?”  It’s as loud as a hundred leaves falling to the ground.  Sometimes “Yes”.  Sometimes “No!”  We love it anyway.

By Kate