Swimming Lessonsdownload (2)

By Harrison  Age 7

Splash! I jumped into the pool like a diving champion. As soon as I got in it was sooo COLD! Since I was freezing like a snowman I started to warm up like the lava HOT SUN! Everybody could hear us yelling and screeching from miles away. Mrs Harries was so nice and let us in the big pool for like 15 minutes or less (I think).

Once the time was up we jumped out of the big pool.  We had swimming lessons. Ahhhhh! It was so hot and so good.  “How do they make this water so hot?” I questioned.

“Get used to it.” Johnny said.

“Hey guys!” said the swimming teacher, “Time to play ringa ringa roses.”

Five minutes later, “OK, ready to go to the big pool?”

“Um excuse me, what pool are we going to?”

OK here we were.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! How deep is this pool?”

“4 meters deep.”

Say WHAT?! Dive!!!!!!!!!