One evening a little boy named Toby entered Lolly Land where the lolly king lived.  

“It would be awesome to live in Lolly Land” he said. In lolly land there is a lolly stealer. “I am on my quest to find the lost king.”  “Are you sure you want to do that?” “I do” and I continued my journey to find the lost king. I went past gum man and lolly shuchis  in lolly land.  

In lolly land there is the amazing lolly. It is 2 kilometres long  and  1 metre wide.  When I bumped in to him I felt scared. He is as big as a giant and as tough as a gorilla.  Once I made it past the lolly I continued my journey to find the  lost king.  

I reached the old lolly bus.  Then I knew I was close. ” There!” I said. I had found the lost king. But now I have to get him out of that cage. “Hmmm I know!”  I broke him out of the cage and went home.    

The End