The Lost Treasure on the Mountain

On Wednesday, Sunny, Blue and James went to a mysterious island.  They climbed and climbed but then they got tired.  They sat down and ate their lunch.  Blue ate his crunchy biscuits.  Then they carried on climbing the mountain.

Then they saw a gold light.  They rushed to the top and saw gold dust.  The gold dust was as sparkly as a diamond ring.  Suddenly, a dragon flew down.  The dragon was as furious as a hungry lion.  They had to fight the dragon.  Sunny went under its legs.  She got a sword and the dragon said “No!  No!  No!  That’s my sword of gold!”

“Oh you win,” said the dragon and off he went.

“Yay, we’re rich,” said Sunny, Blue and James.  But then the island was sinking.

“Hurry!  Get off the island!” shouted James.

“Ok run!  Run!” said Sunny.

Then they got off the island and paddled back to land.

“Mum!  Mum!  We found treasure!”

“Yay, good for you guys,” said Mum.  “We are rich, yay!”

By Sienna