The Grand Adventure

Once upon a time there was a family.  They went on a holiday and they went to the mountains. 

Sam wanted to climb the biggest mountain in the whole wide world.

“But you might fall in the sea,” said Mum.

“No, I won’t fall Mum,” answered Sam.

“What are you thinking Sam?” asked Elsa and Anna.

“I’m finding treasure,” said Sam.

“We’re going to find beautiful mermaids,” said Elsa and Anna.

“I’m going to find money,” said Sam.

“While you all do that, Miss Hurley will rest,” said Miss Hurley.

Later it was time for afternoon tea.  Everyone got apples, pears, peaches and ice-blocks.  But a dragon appeared from behind the mist.

“Here you go – a crystal,” said the dragon.

“Thank you, dragon.”  The crystal was as shiny as a shining star.

“It’s beautiful!” exclaimed Elsa.  The crystal was crystal clear.

“It’s quite bumpy,” cried Amber and Rhiannon.

“It’s pretty,” said Lani.

“Time to go to the movies, kids,” Miss Hurley called to the children.

“Can we have smoothies and popcorn?”

“Yes, you may,” said Miss Hurley.

After one hour, “We’re hungry,” whined the children.

“Let’s eat pizza?” asked Miss Hurley.

“Yes!” shouted the children, and they lived happily ever after.

By Hana