The Crystal Island

Cole was climbing on a huge mountain that was in the middle of the dark sea.  He reached the top.  He could not see because there was smoky white smoke . . .

Suddenly a yellow flash drifted across the island.  The smoke was no longer there.  25 stormy crystals landed on Cole’s tiny foot.  Crystals started to fall from the sky.  The sound to your ears was like an earthquake.  The crystals started to melt.

Cole had an idea.  He got his tape and took the pieces of crystal and taped the pieces together, and he made a costume that looked like a crystal.

He sneaked around the island and heard the Crystal King talking to his huge and horrifying crew. 

He said, “We have to take the Island down into the sea.”  Off they went.  Cole followed them but they could fly.  So he ran and jumped onto a crystal’s back and pushed the crystal down.  But he jumped on all of the crystals and they all fell into the water.

A rescue plane was in the sky. 

He said “HEY!! HEY!!!”  Down went the plane to rescue Cole.  He was rescued and had a happy life.

By Cole