Cloud Island

Once upon a time Sam was outside.  He untied his boat and set off.  On his journey he found many things including 1 crab, 3 fish and 2 snails.  He kept rowing until he had reached a mysterious island called . . . “Cloud Island”.

His arms were hurting like mad!  He struggled up the rocks that were as hard as steel.  It was very dangerous because the stone was lumpy and bumpy and completely uphill.

When he made it, he nervously walked through the cloud and then “Arrrrggggghhhh!!”  A robot came flying with his lasers firing at Sam.  The robot tried to use his extension arms to grab him but that failed.  “Beep boop beeb boop,” said Robot.

Sam saw a diamond sword.  He sprinted for it, picked up the diamond sword that was as golden as CP3O.

“CHARGE!” shouted Sam, and he stabbed the robot in the leg.  The robot fell over with a humongous bang!

“Help!  Save me, help!!”

“Never”, said Sam, as all the robots bolts flew out.

“Yay!  Mission completed” exclaimed Sam.

By Sam