Once upon a time a guy called Steve was exploring a bag and suddenly  the lamp came alive! The lamp pushed steve into the bag and led him to a world called… Pixel World!  In pixel world everything, I mean everything ,is square even the clouds, rain is square, clothes square, everything is square!

Well, they were in pixel world. They met Pixel Man. HUGE. He built everything. He even built the clouds but Pixel Man is bad. He moves stuff time to time. And that confuses people and Steve wanted to put a stop to it.  He studied hard all day and night until he was ready.

When he was ready he, he got out his rope, tied it to Pixel Man’s leg and tugged.  He pulled the rope with all his strength, then finally he slipped, tied him to the pole, put the towers back, and untied Pixel Man.

He unpicked every single pixel, pixel by pixel, until he was destroyed.

Then suddenly a magic portal appeared.  The portal led him back home and that was the end of Pixel Man.

The End