At cross country I saw the people zooming fast. 

Room 5 ran so fast!  Then Room 6.  Go!  They ran so fast in the cold breeze.  Then Room 7.  Go!  They jogged, then ran.  It was Room 8’s turn.  Go!  Fast as cheetahs they went.

Finally my turn . . . go!

I went down the gate, through the field, up the huge hill, down the parking lot, through the seniors, back up the parking lot, down the huge hill, past the juniors, through the goal post.

Finish!  I came fifth.  I was close to my friend.

By Cole

“Yay, it’s cross country,” shouted Maia.

“Oh no, it’s cross country,” whined Sienna.

“Oh grow up, running is fun,” explained Maia.

“Oh ok, I guess I could give it a try,” whispered Sienna.

Later . . . 

“Oh wow, running is fun.  Yay, I did it!” shouted Sienna.

By Sienna

At cross country we waited . . . and waited . . . and waited . . . until it was our turn.

We ran like piglets through the metal gate next to the senior playground.  I passed some children and said “See you later!”  One of the children that I passed, passed me, and this happened until I went past the finishing line.

I was as tired as a kangaroo that has never stopped jumping!

By Ella

Room 6 ran like the wind. 1st!  2nd!  3rd!

Room 1 went.  They ran like cheetahs.  The crowd went wild.  

“Go Room 1!” they all cheered for Room 1.  “Yay!  Yes go!  Wooooo!”

I came third.  I was happy.  “Woohoo!”

By Arnav

We all went to sit on the hard, black concrete.  

First Room 6 went and next Room 7 went with them.  Up the hill they went, zooming hard out.

Then Room 8 went.  They like running so they went as fast as they could.

Then Room 1 went.  Everyone was so fast, and at the start I tripped up.

It was so fun.

By Sabby

Cross Country all started on the massive court.  We got called in age groups.  Then the running began.  It was my turn!

I squealed in nervousness and . . . ran as fast as the wind!  I zoomed around the place like I was dreaming.

Cross country was as fun as a roller coaster.

By Nieve

The seniors were awesome helpers! Thanks guys!