Room 10 has been learning to create an interesting opening to hook the reader.

Here are some openings from Room 10 children. Let’s Enjoy.images (3)


Room 10 had just lined up for cross country. I could feel my heart pumping and my legs wobbling like worms. Suddenly, “Age 7 boys!” yelled Ms Maxwell. I jumped up and whizzed to the starting line.

By Harrison


“Help me! I am stuck in the mud,” but all of the 7 year olds passed by me just like I was invisible.  I kept on screaming but no one listened.

By Zoe.


Mr Keoghan shouted out “Go! 7 year olds go!” I blasted liked a rocket on the track. I was sprinting up the hill. I thought I was going to tumble because my speed was too fast, but I didn’t.

By Madison


“8 year old boys go!” Mr Koeghan shouted. I zoomed like a rocket. I knew I was going to waste my gas but I was still going as fast as I could.

By Ian


“Bang!” we were off. Everyone was screaming with excitement.

By Jake


One lava hot day, we had to run cross country. I didn’t want to run. It was so hot that I felt I was going to melt like an ice block.

By Tylar


“Bam, crash!” it was final. It was our turn. I ran as fast as I could. My legs were pumping like a rhino was chasing after me.

By Emily


“Ahhh!” I said with my legs shaking. Do you know why? We were running cross country. “8 years old, stand up please,” yelled Mr K. “Oh, no.” I grumbled with my legs still shaking.

By Maycee


One terrible day, my sister came banging on my door shouting, complaining to me about me stealing her toy.

By Kalani


“Max, walking time,” my dog burst down the stairs. He was running so fast that he bumped to a wall. “Come on.” I opened the door and off we went.

By Ella


Suddenly Jade and I were having a paper folding race on whose was the tidiest and looked the best. So it looked like Jade was folding the paper into a dog. She was moaning and moaning because it wasn’t good.

By Blake


“Bang! Bash! Slam!” someone or something was banging on my bedroom door. I peered out of the window.  It was cloudy and the sun was just peeking out. Straight after that, I opened my door. My dog was jumping on me and barking with excitement. I knew it was going to be an exciting day.

By Reigan