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On Friday we sprinted to the bus  and then we got to Glenfield Pools.  Then we got changed and then we got in the pools.  We were learning how to do back stroke and diving.  Then we had to [...]

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:lol: On Fridays Team Falcon goes swimming.  We do arm circles.  We dive down to the bottom of the pool until we're at the end of the pool.  Then we do rocket. Finally we get [...]

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Swimming Lessons

First we get noisily and excitedly on the bus with Rooms One, Nine and Ten.  We go swimming in Glenfield Pools.  Then we all get changed. First in the pool jumps Room Nine - "Splash!"  I [...]

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Kapa Haka – Glenfield Has Talent

Here are the waiata that the combined Kapa Haka group are currently learning for 'Glenfield Has Talent'.  Thanks to Bayview School for providing the video.    

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This term, Room 1 will be participating in four tennis lessons with a specialist coach.  These will take place on Thursday mornings for half an hour.  Here we are enjoying our first session . . [...]

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Drama students tell us about their groups . . . (I know we are all looking forward to their next performance!) Drama students with Jen Marzipan Drama is amazing.  We can be what [...]

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Netball – Windy Ridge Dolphins

Girls from the Windy Ridge Dolphins tell us all about their team . . . Every Tuesday we do netball practice and on Saturdays we have games.  Our coaches are Kelly and Simone, and the [...]

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Room 6 impromptu performance of One Day at Taniwha!   Friday afternoon ended with the Room 6 boys starting a performance of One Day a Taniwha during bag packing time! 

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Snowflake Symmetry

Room 1 students were learning about symmetry and fractions through paper snowflake making.  Take a look at us hard at work!  

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The students in Room 1 have been learning to use the elements of art (line, form, space, shape, colour and tone) in creating a self-portrait.  Take a look at how great our pictures look!

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