Drama students tell us about their groups . . . (I know we are all looking forward to their next performance!)

Drama students with Jen

Drama students with Jen

Marzipan Drama is amazing.  We can be what we want.  We can have heaps of fun.  This term our play is about Zombies!!  Everything we do is awesome.  I joined Drama because I love singing and dancing.  By Harrison (Room 10)

In Drama we do plays and we practice.  On the 4th week we do the play and after the holidays we do a new play.  We get a new script and we get a part, and we will practice it.  By Xander (Room 1)

 I go to Drama on Thursdays.  I have been practicing my play.  I like Drama because we get to play games.  By Hayden (Room 2)

At Drama it’s fun.  We did a play at the end of last term.  This term I’m Dodge the Duck.  We are doing a funny play.  I hope it’s cool.  By Maia (Room 1)

Me and my friends Hayden, Jett and George do Drama on Tuesday and Thursday.  I am a sheep in the play.  By Lucas (Room 2)

At Drama we did a farm play but not any more.  I moved in the higher group.  I had to do a play called ‘Zombies’!  In the play I will be Erin and in the high group there are Lucy, Zenita, Reigan and Ella (which is me).  By Ella (Room 1)