Girls from the Windy Ridge Dolphins tell us all about their team . . .

Every Tuesday we do netball practice and on Saturdays we have games.  Our coaches are Kelly and Simone, and the kids in the team are Kalani, Jennifer, Madison, Kate, Meagan, Jaide, Reigan, Sienna, Emma, Chloe and me.  In our last game we won 14-nil and we were on court three.  Most of the other games we won and only a couple we lost.  By Grayce (Room 10)

We are Windy Ridge Jn2 netball team.  We practice on a Tuesday and my games are on a Saturday.  My favourite position is Centre.  Our coach is called Kelly and her helper is called Simone.  Today the 16th of August I’m playing Northcote at 1.30pm and I am excited!  My uniform colour is black and red and we have to tie our hair up and have short fingernails.  By Meagan (Rm 1)

At Netball the positions are WA, WD, GD, GA, GS, C, and GK.  Last week I played GA on the court.  My best position is GS.  On Saturdays I like playing, and I always have fun.  I have my friends there.  By Ella (Room 10)

Last time at netball we won.  I was centre.  I always passed to Jennifer.  Jennifer got a lot of goals.  Kelly our coach was yelling “Goal!  Goal!”  I love netball because I love sport!  On Tuesdays after school we practice for one hour, and then we play a game.  We play against other schools at Westlake Girls High School.  I can’t wait to play again on Saturday!  By Jaide (Room 9)

On Saturdays and Tuesdays we play netball with Jennifer, Meagan, Jaide, Emma, Madison and Ella.  Our coaches are Simone and Sienna’s mum (Sienna is in our group too).  I like competing with other teams.  By Kate (Room 1)

On Saturday my team was playing Northcote.  In the morning it was so cold.  I felt like an ice cube.  In the first half I was WA, and in the second half I was GS.  At the end I got Player of the Day.  By Sienna (Room 9)

On Tuesdays we do netball practice after school.  There’s a lot of rules in netball.  On Saturday it’s our real game.  My favourite position is Centre because you’re almost allowed anywhere, but not in the circles.  My coaches are Simone and Kelly.  I love playing it!  By Emma (Room 9)

On the first training day I was very nervous.  My mum and brother were there.  When it started we jogged around the block and then we did warm ups and a game.  On the second game I was the player of the day! I like netball because I like to shoot. My favourite position is goal shoot!   By Jennifer (Room 1)

Thanks to parents for the photos!