Here are some stories from our Website Writers about the performances by our school groups at the recent Glenfield Expo.

I led the haka at the Expo up on the stage.  I had fun up on the stage.  I did ‘Switch’ for the Jump Jam group.  By Hayden (Rm 2) 

I like how Hayden did the Kapa Haka and Jump Jam group.  When Hayden did the haka he had no t-shirt on.  By Lucas (Rm 2)

On Wednesday it was performance day at Glenfield College.  There is a stage and we went on it.  We did ‘Switch’ on stage.  It was fun.  By Emma (Rm 9)

At Glenfield College we did three performances.  From our school it was the Superstar Jump Jam group, Senior Aerobics and the Kapa Haka group.  I was in the Jump Jam group.  For the song we did ‘Switch’.  It was fun being on the stage.  After the Jump Jam group I watched the Kapa Haka group.  After we watched the Kapa Haka group I went home.  By Madison (Rm 10)

At Glenfield College I went to watch my brother.  He was doing Kapa Haka.  Noah was doing very good.  I was impressed.  My cousin Ely was amazing in aerobics and Kapa Haka.  By Toby (Rm 1)

Welcome to our new writer Isaiah from Room 10 who wrote . . .

As we walked in big strong guards stood before us.  They had big black suits.  There were stalls selling cupcakes and lamingtons and juice.  We went to Glenfield College to see Ely perform aerobics and Kapa Haka.  There were lots of other schools there too.

There was a man from intermediate playing a guitar and a shell while students were singing.  After five songs they had a raffle and whoever won would get a box of stuff.

Windy Ridge did really well.  There were the Jump Jam group, Kapa Haka and the aerobics team too.  I felt excited when they came out.

By Isaiah (Rm 10)