Healthy Walkers Breakfast

On the Friday of 'Spring Walkers Week' we had a 'Healthy Walkers Breakfast'.  This was for all children who had walked to school four or more times during the week.  Take a look at the [...]

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Cool Science

Room 2 did our own version of the lolly science experiment, just without the lollies! We used four different colours of food colouring and added 3 drops of each to containers of  milk.  Then we [...]

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Calendar Art

Room 1's Calendar Art is now completed and available for viewing in the office.  Here are some photos of us at work, and of our finished artwork.    

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Little Scientists!

A number of classes recently did the "Lolly Experiment" for Science. Room 1 children are learning to think like scientists, so we made a video showing our thinking during this experiment . . . Here [...]

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Maths Roadshow

Here are photos taken of the middle school at the Maths Roadshow on the 8th of August.  The challenging activities really required the students to use their problem-solving skills!  Click on images to enlarge the [...]

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Kapa Haka at Glenfield Mall

In Week 1 of Term 3, our Kapa Haka Group performed at Glenfield Mall as part of national Maori Language Week celebrations.  The group performed extremely well, and were well-supported by a large and enthusiastic [...]

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Glenfield College Visit

Stories from our Website Writers about our recent visit to Glenfield College I did a hongi with Maori people and I did my song.  I spoke to the Maori people on the Marae.  By Hayden [...]

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Glenfield Expo Performances

Here are some stories from our Website Writers about the performances by our school groups at the recent Glenfield Expo. I led the haka at the Expo up on the stage.  I had fun up [...]

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Cluster Cricket

Bla bla bla! Everyone was chattering loudly as schools came in for CRICKET.  Mr. White clapped and  everyone was silent and still. He explained all the rules and told Windy Ridge their teams, and [...]

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Soft Ball

On the day of soft ball all the kids were squeezing out with excitement as Mr.White was calling out the groups for transport. When we arrived at Manuka Primary School there was one group of children [...]

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