Glenfield Santa Parade

Here are photos of the Windy Ridge float and performances from the Glenfield Santa Parade. Thank you to Karen Palmer for these fabulous photos.    

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Middle & Senior School Athletics

Thanks to Mrs Boyce who took these photos of winners at the Middle and Senior School Athletics.   Well done everyone!

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Room 11 Investigates

Room 11 used Chromatography to investigate the ink in our everyday felt pens. Chromatography (/ˌkroʊməˈtɒɡrəfi/; from Greek χρῶμα chroma "color" and γράφειν graphein "to write" ) is the collective term for a set of laboratory techniques [...]

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It’s a Solid! It’s a Liquid! It’s Oobleck!

Room 11 Discovers Oobleck! I notice ...? looks, feels,  smells like... I predict? What will happen when I add the water? How much will I need? Making Oobleck  Mix cornflour, food colouring and water and what do [...]

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Bobby and Brian At Windy Ridge School

  Windy Ridge School had a visit from Bobby and Brian. They explained to us how much sense it makes to wear a seat belt. We learnt that the seat belt prevents the second crash [...]

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Te Reo in Room 8 with Whaea Keri

http://youtu.be/LTDFnNYsb5Y http://youtu.be/VPHGlCnybGw    

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Mrs M and the Art Club

Mrs M and the Art Club have been busy using their artistic talents to brighten up our school environment.  The Art Club meets on Thursdays after school.  Take a look at their current project on [...]

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Athletics Training

Middle and Senior School classes have begun athletics training in preparation for our Athletics Day later in the term.  Here is a video of Room 1 students learning correct sprinting techniques.

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Newspaper Fashion Challenge

Photos from Team Falcon's 'Newspaper Fashion Challenge'.  Well done to all the children for working so creatively and co-operatively together.  Your outfits were amazing!  (Click on photo for larger version.)  Part 1:  Making!  Part 2:  Fashion [...]

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Gardening 3 – Laying Mulch

We brainstormed why we were laying mulch on our kumara patches. keep weed down keep the soil moist and cool in summer, save us from watering decompose slowly, release nutrients into the soil and help [...]

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