Nutrition lessons with Naomi Sutton

The students in Team Tui have been learning about nutrition as part of our term's inquiry about 'Hauora'.  Here are some photos from our two classroom sessions with nutritionist Naomi Sutton.

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Stardome Trip

What a great day we had at the Stardome!  What was your favourite part?  Write about it in the comment box below. https://youtu.be/1LLyErbdY4U

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Room 1 at Gumbrella Day!

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Do we need a new flag?

In Room 7 we have been inquiring about flags. We have learned that the people in New Zealand think about whether they want to have a new flag representing our country. We had a look [...]

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Yumbo Gumbo in Room Fantail

Room Fantail felt inspired by the book "Yumbo, Yumbo Gumbo"! Everybody brought a vegetable to school and we cooked a big pot of vegetable soup. It was a delicious soup. Thank you to all the [...]

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Science – Rooms 1 & 11

Rooms 1 and 11 are buddy classes and during Term 3 will be meeting on Fridays to do learning activities together.  Here are some photos of us learning how to think like scientists while doing [...]

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Flax Weaving with Whaea Keri

Whaea Keri and her helpers showed us how to make a bookmark.  You can watch us here. https://youtu.be/ezaF4807DxA  

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Wheelie Wednesday

As part of Road Safety Week we announced Wednesday as Wheelie Wednesday. Many children brought their scooters and bikes to school. At lunchtime many wheels were going round and round. However, it was a good [...]

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School Cross Country Fun Run

What a fabulous day we had. Congratulations to everyone who participated in the Cross Country Fun Run. Also a huge thank you to everyone for their fundraising efforts. We will let you know in Term [...]

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Garden to Table Extravaganza

What a fantastic night Team Falcon had at the Garden to Table Extravaganza!  Well done to all the children involved, and thank you to all the parents and extended families who came along on the [...]

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