Our Student Achievement Data

Every year all schools are required to collect and analyse student achievement  data, and to use that information to prepare their strategic plans for the following year.

While we acknowledge that all students learn at different rates and with different strengths, we are required to assess all students against a set of national standards in reading, writing and mathematics each year.  This collected data is then reported to the Ministry of Education and the Board of Trustees as a measure of the effectiveness of our programmes in the school.

We use the information to determine the effectiveness of our progammes and then plan for improvement in the following year.  We are pleased with the progress and achievement of our students, and any child not meeting national standards has been identified and a programme of support put in place for them.

This information is also reported to our families along with information about the other learning areas of the curriculum; Science, Social Studies, Health, PE, Technology, Art, Drama and Music.

Click below to read a report of the data and its implications for our school from previous years.

We have chosen not to upload the data tables as our small roll size means that individual children could be identified from the data, breaching their rights to privacy. 

**  AoV = Analysis of Variance

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