Kaipatiki Kahui Ako – Community of Learning

Our Purpose

The Kaipatiki Kahui Ako (CoL) consists of six primary schools, a special school, one intermediate and one secondary school. The schools involved in the Kaipātiki Community of Learning are: Bayview Primary, Glenfield Primary, Glenfield Intermediate, Glenfield College, Manuka Primary, Marlborough Primary, Target Road School, Wairau Valley Special School and Windy Ridge Primary.  Three state kindergartens are also involved in the Kaipātiki Community of Learning; Marlborough, Glenfield and Bayview.

As a community of learning our aim is to work collaboratively, strengthening pathways for our students throughout their educational journey. This will involve developing a holistic pathway, acknowledging each student’s strengths, as they transition through various educational providers within our community. Robust and rigorous data analysis around our students will be shared across our educational providers.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a community of inquiry that promotes student achievement and lifelong learning.   We will strengthen links between early childhood, primary, intermediate, secondary and tertiary sectors within our community to ensure that student needs are met.  Students will be supported and challenged in their learning environment to set and achieve personal learning goals. We will work in partnership with students, parents and whānau to raise student achievement and provide a clear local education pathway for all.

We aim to :

  • Raise student achievement in writing and maths
  • Raise achievement in reading for Year 1 students
  • Raise achievement in NCEA at Levels 1, 2, 3 and UE
  • Raise achievement for all learners by strengthening all learning focused relationships

We will achieve this by working together in five focus areas:

  • Student Agency
  • Teacher Agency
  • Leadership Capability
  • Community Agency
  • Transitions between educational providers

News and Information 

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