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Lunchbox Day

On Friday 5th September our school supported the efforts of KidsCan, which is a charitable foundation that is working to provide food in schools so children can concentrate on learning, not hunger.  Lots of families [...]

By |14th September 2014|WRS 2014 Posts|11 Comments


Drama students tell us about their groups . . . (I know we are all looking forward to their next performance!) Drama students with Jen Marzipan Drama is amazing.  We can be what [...]

By |21st August 2014|WRS 2014 Posts|5 Comments

Netball – Windy Ridge Dolphins

Girls from the Windy Ridge Dolphins tell us all about their team . . . Every Tuesday we do netball practice and on Saturdays we have games.  Our coaches are Kelly and Simone, and the [...]

By |19th August 2014|WRS 2014 Posts|12 Comments

Kapa Haka at Glenfield Mall

In Week 1 of Term 3, our Kapa Haka Group performed at Glenfield Mall as part of national Maori Language Week celebrations.  The group performed extremely well, and were well-supported by a large and enthusiastic [...]

By |1st August 2014|WRS 2014 Posts|4 Comments

Fancy Feet Day

We had Fancy Feet Day to celebrate TravelWise Week.  We decorated our feet and it was fantastic.  My friends feet rocked!  By Hayden (R2) Last Friday we had Fancy Feet Day to celebrate our walking [...]

By |25th May 2014|WRS 2014 Posts|5 Comments

Glenfield College Visit

Stories from our Website Writers about our recent visit to Glenfield College I did a hongi with Maori people and I did my song.  I spoke to the Maori people on the Marae.  By Hayden [...]

By |15th May 2014|WRS 2014 Posts|0 Comments

Glenfield Expo Performances

Here are some stories from our Website Writers about the performances by our school groups at the recent Glenfield Expo. I led the haka at the Expo up on the stage.  I had fun up [...]

By |10th April 2014|WRS 2014 Posts|3 Comments

Wetlands Learning

This term's Inquiry topic has been about the Wetlands.  Here are some stories from the junior and middle school writers about their learning . . . We have been learning about the life cycles of [...]

By |3rd April 2014|WRS 2014 Posts|0 Comments

Wheelie Fridays

Every Friday at school  we have "Wheelie Friday".  Take a look at our stories about the fun that we have . . .  On Friday it was Wheels Day and I brought my scooter.  Chloe [...]

By |3rd April 2014|WRS 2014 Posts|1 Comment