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Keeping Ourselves Safe

Room 10 has learned a lot from Constable Steve Harwood's visit. We learned: Child abuse is a serious crime. No one is allowed to touch our private parts. It is important to tell someone you trust [...]

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Mass Challenge

Challenge: Design a boat that can hold the most weights. What you need: a large sheet of wax paper,  cellotape, a stapler, a pair of scissors. Be smart and creative! Here are some results: Kenta/Joshua: 170g [...]

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Gardening 3 – Laying Mulch

We brainstormed why we were laying mulch on our kumara patches. keep weed down keep the soil moist and cool in summer, save us from watering decompose slowly, release nutrients into the soil and help [...]

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Swimming Lessons

Swimming Lessons By Harrison  Age 7 Splash! I jumped into the pool like a diving champion. As soon as I got in it was sooo COLD! Since I was freezing like a snowman I started [...]

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Room 10 is learning to estimate and measure the weights. They are having lots of fun working together as a team, learning to share and take turns.

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Mud Rush

              On Sunday the 14th of September it was a big day.  It was the Mud Rush.  I was freezing to death.  I was so nervous I had a [...]

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Gardening 2 — Planting Kumara

We are working together with our buddy class Room 8 planting kumara seedlings. Yay!!! We can't wait to have roasted kumara. 

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Sloths (An Information Report) Sloths are mammals. Sloths have fur.  Their colour is grey.  Their height is 80cm.  They are tall and have long arms. Sloths live in South and Central America.  They live in [...]

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Gardening 1 – Weeding

Room 10 had so much fun weeding the garden. We are getting the garden ready for spring planting.     

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Cloudy Island

Cloudy Island Chrystal, Arisara, Maia and Lani went to Cloudy Island. “We were amazed,” said Chrystal.  “We saw crystals everywhere.  Arisara turned into a baby.  Maia found a wand and turned Arisara like Maia.  Then [...]

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