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Newsletter Term 1 Week 1

Windy Ridge School Newsletter 5th February 2020 Term 1 Week  1 KINDO: online school shop (click on KINDO to register) Respect, Resilience, Kindness, Integrity Hello, Kamusta, Hola a todos, As-salāmu ʿalaykum, Kumusta, Annyeonghaseyo, Ni Hao, [...]

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Touch Rugby Competition

Touch Rugby Competition

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Mathathon Term 3 Sheets

Mathathon Stage 7 Mathathon Stage 6 Mathathon Stage 5 Mathathon Stage 4 Mathathon Stage 3 Mathathon Stage 2 Mathathon Stage 1

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Our Class – Room 10!

What a great class of children we have in Room 10 this year!  Click on photos to enlarge.  

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Rona and the Moon

One day Rona needed water ... but her husband was not there. So she went to get it herself . But the moon went behind a cloud and she tripped . She shouted " You [...]

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Santa Parade

Santa Parade We got on the float at 11am.  I was really nervous about this.  But once I got on I had the courage to wave and smile at the time. Then we stopped and [...]

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The Friendly Beach

I went to the beach and met my friend. We called it the friendly beach because the water sounded like it was talking to us in a gentle voice.  The sand felt like it was [...]

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My rainbow similie

As red as a beautiful rose :mrgreen:   As Orange as my new shiny orange t-shirt....  ... :lol:   As yellow as a sparkling star  :cry. As green as leafy trees . As gaudy as a purple ring.    [...]

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My new bedroom

Today I am moving to my brother's room.  Now it will be my room.  My mum bought me a fluffy owl.  When he comes back I will need to sleep with Lucas in my bed.  [...]

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Elements of Dance

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