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Team Fantail Assembly Performance

https://youtu.be/iYwBqt1wCnQ Have a look at Room Fantail's fabulous Assembly Item.  

By |26th June 2015|WRS 2015 Posts|1 Comment

Team Fantail – We Practise our Daphne Sounds

Most mornings we practise our Daphne sounds. We are becoming experts in spotting digraphs.

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Kiwi Fitness – Team Fantail

Today, we had a chance to have a taste at Kiwi Fitness. We tested our skills at batting, catching and rolling  large and small balls. Most of us enjoyed these activities.    

By |16th February 2015|WRS 2015 Posts|1 Comment

Kumara Planting with our Buddy-class

Last term we planted Kumara in our Windy Ridge Garden.   http://youtu.be/tRK0DMKylzg  

By |11th November 2014|WRS 2014 Posts|0 Comments

Bobby and Brian At Windy Ridge School

  Windy Ridge School had a visit from Bobby and Brian. They explained to us how much sense it makes to wear a seat belt. We learnt that the seat belt prevents the second crash [...]

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Whaea Keri teaches us the Maori Alphabet

This week Whaea Keri taught us the Maori Alphabet.  Hope you enjoy watching the video!   http://youtu.be/vfyYzNfjuCw      

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Te Reo in Room 8 with Whaea Keri

http://youtu.be/LTDFnNYsb5Y http://youtu.be/VPHGlCnybGw    

By |3rd November 2014|WRS 2014 Posts|1 Comment

Peek inside our classroom

... and you'll find busy learners ...sorting numbers...   ... practising Daphnee's diagraphs...   ... sorting objects from smallest to largest...   ...writing sight words ...   ... sequencing story pictures....   ...arranging shapes to create a [...]

By |2nd November 2014|WRS 2014 Posts|0 Comments

Writing in Room 8

We have been learning about traditional tales. The story of Cinderella has been told many times and it keeps changing to match its surrounding culture as it travels across the world. We discovered Yeh Shen [...]

By |15th September 2014|WRS 2014 Posts|1 Comment

Pyjama Day

On Friday, we were dressed rather unusual. Most of us were wearing our pyjamas to school. We read many bed time stories during the day. Most of us brought a gold coin donation for the [...]

By |15th September 2014|WRS 2014 Posts|6 Comments