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Room 1 Mosaic Art

Room 1 has been learning about mosaic art this term.  We made our own mosaic art using coloured paper. Here are a few of our finished mosaics.    

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Week 4 Winners

Team Falcon Award Winners this week . . .   Attitude Awards: Rm 1 - Arisara Rm 9 - Kesha Rm 10 - Zenita Superstar Certificates: Rm 1 - Kate Rm 9 - Chloe Rm [...]

By |6th November 2014|WRS 2014 Posts|2 Comments

Week 3 Winners

Team Falcon award winners this week: Attitude Awards  Rm 1 - Xander  Rm 9 - Dominique Rm 10 - Madison Superstar Certificates Rm 1 - Ella (for excellent effort on her mosaic art) Rm 9 [...]

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Mrs M and the Art Club

Mrs M and the Art Club have been busy using their artistic talents to brighten up our school environment.  The Art Club meets on Thursdays after school.  Take a look at their current project on [...]

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Athletics Training

Middle and Senior School classes have begun athletics training in preparation for our Athletics Day later in the term.  Here is a video of Room 1 students learning correct sprinting techniques.

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Newspaper Fashion Challenge

Photos from Team Falcon's 'Newspaper Fashion Challenge'.  Well done to all the children for working so creatively and co-operatively together.  Your outfits were amazing!  (Click on photo for larger version.)  Part 1:  Making!  Part 2:  Fashion [...]

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Room 1 at the Disco

Here we are at the 'Rock Star' disco at the end of Term 3.    

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Gumbrella Day

Here are photos from our fantastic Gumbrella Day, along with a few stories from Room 1 children.   On Gumbrella Day we decorated a boot.  Me and Amber got a medal and it [...]

By |18th September 2014|WRS 2014 Posts|6 Comments

Healthy Walkers Breakfast

On the Friday of 'Spring Walkers Week' we had a 'Healthy Walkers Breakfast'.  This was for all children who had walked to school four or more times during the week.  Take a look at the [...]

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Narrative Writing

Room 1 students have been learning how to write fictional narratives that are exciting for the reader to read.  We have been learning to do this by using vivid adjectives, similes and speech, and by [...]

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