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20 June 2018

Term 2  Week 8

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Respect, Resilience, Kindness, Integrity

Hello, Hola a todos, Kumusta, Annyeonghaseyo, Ni Hao, Konichiwa, Namaste, Zdravstvuyte, Ciao, Cześć, Hallo, Bonjour, Salut, Fakalofa Lahi Atu, Talofa Lava, Kia Orana,  Kia Ora Koutou

News from Jenine Maxwell & Inge Millard Acting Principals 

                  Nga mihi nui, Tena koutou, tena koutou, tena koutou katoa
This week as part of our response to the Community Survey we will look at:

Student Led Conferences:

Most schools in New Zealand are using some form of student-led or three-way conferencing to report to and share information with parents. This reporting procedure, in which the student is very actively involved in the learning and reporting process, is a fundamental shift away from the one way transference of information from teacher to parents, and is consistent with the characteristics of effective assessment in the NZ Curriculum.

Student led-conferences and three-way conferences take the form of a conversation between the students, their parents and their teacher. Both approaches give students the opportunity to share with their parents their growth as a learner. They accept accountability and responsibility for their progress and achievement, and demonstrate a growing understanding of their development as independent learners.

In student-led conferences, the student takes the central role during discussions. The teacher is involved but is not necessarily sitting with the students and parents all the time. There might be more than one or two groupings of parents and students discussing their work in a classroom, and the teacher acts as the facilitator and prompter where necessary. Sometimes especially with younger students, students and their parents move around looking at different aspects of their learning.

Three-way conferencing is similar to the above, but for a time all three parties -student, parents and the teacher- sit together and discuss the student’s learning. Normally both conferencing processes involve some form of learning journal or books that shows a range of evidence of learning that the student has selected.

Student-led conferences and three-way conferences are designed to achieve one or more of the following goals:

  • to help students demonstrate evidence of learning.
  • to teach students the process of reflection and self-evaluation
  • to facilitate the development of student’s organisational and oral communication skills and to increase their self-confidence.
  • to encourage students, parents, and teachers to engage in open and honest dialogue.
  • to encourage students to accept personal responsibility for their learning.
  • to increase parent understanding of their child’s learning through improving attendance and satisfaction with the reporting process.

At Windy Ridge School we have been using the Student-led conferences for a number of years with great success. This year we will trial a combination of the two types of conferencing. The first 10 minutes will be student-led followed by a three-way conference with the teacher during the next 10 minutes.  When you use the online booking service, please ensure that you book a ten minute slot (this will be the student led session) and allow for (but don’t book) a further ten minutes to allow for the student/parent/teacher three-way conference.

In order to accommodate this change, this year the conferences will take place over two days.  We have set aside Wednesday 1st August from 2.00 to 8.00 and Thursday 2nd August from 2.00 to 5.30.  School will close on these days at 1.30 pm.

Bookings will open in Week 10.   A notice will come home in week 10 with this information, please contact the office if you would like some help to make your booking.

Paid Union Meeting

Can we please extend a huge thank you to all of our amazing whanau for the way you supported the school yesterday by organising early pick up or After School book in for your children, so that the teachers could attend their union meeting.   Thank you also for your words of encouragement and appreciation – we really value your positive feedback.  Yesterday’s turn out was extensive, teachers from every primary sector site on the North Shore and Hibiscus Coast turned out in force.  Looking around the room, it was a sobering thought to see how many of the attendees were in the ‘more mature’ bracket.  I worry for the future of our profession, and the future of education in our country, when there are so few younger members to pass the baton on to.  We will communicate the day’s outcome to you as soon as we know it.

Windy Ridge School Community Event:

Only twelve days until we get to hear Daniel.  Fliers will be sent home  tomorrow.  We will hold tea/coffee and a light supper before hand, and draw spot prizes at the end of the evening.  Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend!

Come along and hear Daniel Birch, Principal of Hobsonville Point School

share the research and practice behind Collaborative Learning.

Monday 2nd July, 6.30 – 8.00 pm, WRS Hall.

Hello from the Board!

We trust you are finding the weekly updates from the Management team referencing the findings and questions from the community survey we ran last year helpful. Throughout this survey process, we discovered that there were a number of procedures and happenings at WRS that you were not sure about and wanted explaining or more information on. Rather than issue a rather long document that would involve hours of reading, we thought the best way to address the findings and solutions was to present these in weekly snippets in the newsletter. We, as a Board, are also making improvements and adjustments along the way too – check out our school website for our bright and shiny profiles! Pop’s profile will be up there soon.

In a couple of weeks, WRS is hosting Daniel Birch, Principal of Hobsonville Point School to speak to our community. He is sharing his insights, expertise and experience of Collaborative Learning and Modern Learning Environments. He is a brilliant, engaging and intelligent speaker and we urge you all to make the effort to attend. Catch him Monday evening 2nd of July from 6:30pm – 8:00pm. We look forward to seeing you there!

Caroline Hudson- Chairperson Board of Trustees

Dance Lessons:

Don’t forget our Dance lessons starting in Term 3.  Jonny and Jess are still hanging in there although it was close last week when they were in the two last couples. Luckily they scored well with the judges and had the best performance managing to remain in the competition for another week!

Enviro Team:

Our Enviro team introduced a video at Assembly today showing some of the effects of plastic bags in our oceans. Their message was that we can make a difference by trying to use less plastic and say “No” to single use plastic bags!

School App – as we look for more ways to keep communication with our families quick and easy we now have a new tool.  The Windy Ridge School app, this can easily been downloaded onto your mobile phones by simply following the below instructions.  You will be able to send absentee notes, view the newsletter, check our calendar and contact any staff member.   We are in the process of adding notices and permissions, we will also be able to send out alerts for reminders of upcoming events and important information.

Skool Loop June A4 (1)


Health & Well Being – This term we have noticed an increase of students suffering from cases of Strep Throat, this can be contagious and can lead to more serious health issues we have shared the following information from the Ministry of Health website –

Upcoming Events and Trips
**** School Notices are available on the school website. ****
  • Keeping Ourselves Safe (KOS) – Next term our students are looking at ways to keep themselves safe, both in the real word and online.  Our school community Police Officer, Constable Steve Harwood will be in school to help support their learning .  If you want to know more about the “Keeping Ourselves Safe” Program, particularly if your children are new to the school over the last two years, come along this Friday, 22nd June 9am to 9.30am when Steve will explain what the program involves.
  • Dance Lessons – Year 5 & 6 students will be participating in dance lessons next term. Dance for Tui Team  and the Year 4 students will be participating in Hip Hop lessons Hip Hop for Year 4
  • Tread Lightly Caravan –  will be visiting our school on Monday 25th June to Thursday 28th June, see attached notice for more information Tread Lightly Caravan All students will be attending classes in the hall during this week.
  • Team Tui Camp – Carey Park Camp, Monday 17th to Wednesday 19th September – Please return permission forms and payment slips to the office.  Team-Tui-Carey-Park-Camp
  • Assembly:  Assemblies are held on Wednesdays every 2nd week this term as Teams Tui & Fantail are at their swimming lessons on Fridays.  Week 10’s Assembly will be on Wednesday 20th June and starts at 9.30am, prior to this we have a coffee and chat for parents in the staffroom from 9am with our Deputy Principals Jenine Maxwell and Inge Millard and board chairperson Caroline Hudson.  Assembly Timetable – Week 10 – Leadership.
  • Pasifika & Kapa Haka Groups –  Junior Kapa Haka is held every Wednesday lunchtime from 1pm with Ms Bendall, this is for all year 0 to 2 students, year 3 to 6 students is on Friday afternoons from 1.45pm to 2.45pm.  The Pasifika group for all years is on every Wednesday afternoon from 2pm to 3pm.
  • School Donation – Thank you to all our families who have made their donation, these are not compulsory but help support the school and are tax deductible. School Donation 2018
  • Donation Receipts – Kindo is now sending out the receipts you need to claim the tax back on your school donation. If you pay your donation now through Kindo, you will receive a PDF attachment to your normal Kindo emailed receipt – please print this and hold on to it for your tax return.  Kindo will also be sending out receipts for those of you who have paid a School Donation via myKindo prior to now – please look out for this. Shortly you will also be able to access copies of these from your myKindo online account (on the ‘my orders’ page). To pay your donation now, you can use our Kindo link below…Login or create a new account
  • Regular Happenings & Groups Term 2 – We have updated this form with some recent day and time changes – Regular Happenings and Groups
  • Ideas for Home Learning – At our recent Meet the Teacher evening we shared some homework suggestions, copies are also available from the office.  Ideas for Home Learning
  • Parking – We have begun the year with a higher than normal number of parents dropping off and/or picking their children up from school.  This has led to heavy demand for parking spaces and some crazier than usual maneuvers. Please respect the rules of the road (including the 40km speed limit) and restrictions on parking (including the 10 min parking zone out the front, no parking between the signs out the back and NO parking in the school car parks).
    Of course, in line with our Travelwise policy, we promote our students (especially from Year 3 up) walking to school.  We have four Walking School Buses and children who live further from school can be dropped off a distance from the school so that they can complete their journey to school by foot.  Our Travelwise Students will be promoting active, safe travel to school over the term.
  • Head Lice – Unfortunately these are very common in the community, please check your child’s hair regularly.  We have attached the link to the Ministry of Education parent information website with more information.
  • Attendance – Please ensure that your children arrive at school on time and that we are aware of their absence by 9.00am each day.  You can either telephone the office and leave an absence message or go online to the school website and use the Report an absence tab.  We do follow up lateness and absence as we are required to report on both to the Ministry of Education and the Board of Trustees.  If you are planning a holiday in term time please advise your child’s teacher and the office.
  • Banking day is Thursday – please send ASB envelopes to the office.
  • Ezlunch available all days of the week now. Please go to  to register and order.  More information is available at the office. Ezlunch Term 2 Menu
  • Lost Property – please see the office or the hall kitchen for any lost items, please remember to name all clothing and hats.
  • WINDY RIDGE PARENTS Facebook – We have a closed Facebook page for Windy Ridge parents – you need to request to be part of this page.  It is a valuable page for reminders, information, and general WRS ‘stuff.
  • School Library – The library will be open from 8.30am to 8.55am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings and during lunchtime.  The students will also get to visit once a week with their classes.
  • Music Lessons – John Casson from MusiqHub is now offering music lessons in Guitar & Ukulele at our school starting from next Monday 26th March from 9.30am, see the attached notice for more information. John Casson Flyer


Term dates 

School Terms 2018

Term 1     Thursday 1 February – Friday 13 April

                    WAITANGI DAY – Tuesday 6/02

                   EASTER: Friday 30/03 – Tuesday 3/04

Term 2     Monday 30/04 – Friday 6/07

                   Queens Birthday: Monday 4/06 (School Closed)

Term 3     Monday 23/07 – Friday 28/09

Term 4     Monday 15/10 –  17/12  TBC

                    LABOUR DAY – Monday 22/10 (School Closed)


PTA News 

  • PTA Disco – this Friday 22nd June from 6pm to 7.30pm, the theme is Around the World,  American Hot Dogs will be on sale but must be ordered in advance, see attached order form – Disco 22Jun2018
  • PTA Chocolate Fundraiser –  Thank you to all the families who have returned their money, if you are unable to or prefer not to sell the chocolates please return them to the school office.    Any queries regarding the selling of the chocolates, please contact a PTA member through the school office.
  • Entertainment Book Fundraiser –Hey all! We have connected with the Entertainment Book to help fundraise for the school. This book/app is amazing! I save way above the cost of the book in no time (last year it was within one 2 week school holiday) Available in book form or app (i recommend the app!) Share far and wide – any purchase a % comes to the school ($14 from the Auckland ones)


Community News
“North Shore Sport Stacking Club
The North Shore Sport Stacking Club (cup stacking) – has set its meet up dates for the year. The meet ups are held at Bayswater School Hall, 181 Bayswater Avenue, Bayswater and are FREE for anyone, any age (3-60+), wanting to go along and learn to sport stack. Cups, mats and timers are provided for those that don’t have their own sets and free coaching is also given by current members of the NZ Black Stacks team. The dates are as follows:
Sunday 10 June, 2.00pm-4.00pm
Sunday 8 July, 2.00pm-4.00pm
Sunday 12 August, 2.00pm-4.00pm
Sunday 9 September, 2.00pm-4.00pm
Sunday 14 October, 2.00pm-4.00pm
We look forward to seeing you there. This is a fun-filled family afternoon.”
Yoga workshop for Mums and children
see the website link or attached brochure for more information
PFK signature logo
Takapuna & Red Beach Dual Flyer
Beach Haven Pocket Rockets
Tartan Day 2018
Did you know you can now recycle your expired or damaged child car seat?  Around 90% of seat materials are recyclable which is great news for the environment, and keeping expired car seats out of circulation is good for child safety. SeatSmart accepts any brand of capsule, booster or reversible car seat (no polystyrene boosters) for a small fee of $10 (RRP). For collection site details visit You can also like us on Facebook (SeatSmartNZ).
Auckland Live Kids 2018
Friday 9th March to Sunday 23rd December
 KidsLink School Advert 1
Parenting Helpline
Is your child shy? Do they feel intimidated by the idea of public speaking and performance? Do they sometimes find it difficult to make eye contact? Do they just need 45 minutes a week to take part in organised craziness?! It’s not too late to join Marrzipan! We are looking for some awesome students to fill some parts in our play, which we will be performing for parents and their peers at the end of term. Come along to a Trial Lesson and see whether you like it! You can sign up for one directly via our website (we have contact numbers on there too, should you prefer to talk to a human!)


Plastic Free K

Kaipatiki Community Facilities Trust Sustainable Neighbourhood Project.

Boomerang Bags ` `made in Kaipatiki “ is a community driven initiative tackling plastic pollution at the grassroots level through our KCFT Sustainable Neighbourhood Projects which is supported by the Birkenhead Licensing Trust.   The many dedicated volunteers get together to make re-usable bags using recycled materials as a means to provide a sustainable alternative to plastic bags in Kaipatiki.

To set the scene, of Plastic Free Kaipatiki, we absolutely need your help!   Keen Volunteers needed to help with cutting  and sorting the materials, pinning, ironing, stamping and sewing at the planned sewing bees.
All ages welcome! No experience required – sewers non sewers…….churches, community sites………every one volunteer is exceptional……..if you’re keen please let us know,   or if you  can donate material for this programme…….or other ideas, we welcome contact   Let’s see how many sewing bees we can add to the existing  at Bayview Community Centre,   Chartwell Hub and Beach Haven Community House.  Our  two lovely project leads Tracey and Alana……would be keen to hear from you.

The Facebook Page  Boomerang Bags North Shore Auckland    Thank you.