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21st March 2018

Term 1  Week 8

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Respect, Resilience, Kindness, Integrity

Hello, Hola a todos, Kumusta, Annyeonghaseyo, Ni Hao, Konichiwa, Namaste, Zdravstvuyte, Ciao, Cześć, Hallo, Bonjour, Salut, Fakalofa Lahi Atu, Talofa Lava, Kia Orana,  Kia Ora Koutou

News from the Principal 

Staffing News
Baby #2
We are delighted to announce the arrival of wee Baby Cook – Ms Rosie Cook’s second baby (as yet unnamed).  She arrived late on Sunday evening and everyone is well.   We look forward to meeting her soon.
Falcon team Helper
We wish to acknowledge and thank Mrs Anne Wilkins who has been volunteering on Falcon Team every Wednesday while she finishes her teaching degree.   Her efforts and time commitment are greatly appreciated.
Education News
Assembly Certificates
We have changed the order of events for our Friday assemblies so that class certificates will be done at the start of assembly.  If you are able to shoot out of work for a bit to catch the certificates, then plan to be there between 9.45 am and 10 am.  Hopefully this will make things easier for some.
I have been reading quite a bit lately from Nigel Latta, NZ psychologist, on the various aspects of childhood that we as adults influence through our decisions as parents.   He is humorous and challenging in his beliefs, but always has facts and research to back up his claims and suggestions.
This week I have been reading about self-control.  It is interesting (and sometimes frustrating) waiting for our young ones to develop self-control.  It is a fundamental part of self-discipline, conscientiousness, and perseverance.  It allows us to delay gratification, control impulses, and reign in our emotions.
Here are a few ideas from Nigel to get you started on teaching self-control at home… most of which you will almost certainly already be doing:
* Reward good behaviour and punish bad behaviour. This provides motivation to control those little impulses and focus on the longer term reward.
* Don’t give them everything they want whenever they want it. Make them wait for things from time to time. Waiting is a skill that needs practice.
* Teach them that sometimes you have to do things you don’t like (eg picking up your toys) to get access to things you do like (eg walks in the park).
* Praise sharing with their friends and others. This helps them to understand that grabbing stuff first isn’t as big a payoff as good times with the people you co-operate with.
* If you start walking up a hill don’t give up just because little legs get a bit tired. Push on and then make a big deal of the sense of achievement you get from doing things that are hard. The best views tend to be from the top of the hill in life, not the bottom.
* When they are old enough for pocket money pay them a pittance. You learn more if you have to save hard for something, and it means more to you when you eventually get it.
* Model all of these things as much as you can. None of us are perfect, let’s be honest, just practice what you preach as much as you can manage.
* Instead of telling them how clever they are, praise the effort. So instead of saying how clever they are for building a block tower tell them what hard workers they are and that the reason they are so good at building block towers is because they work away at and practice really hard.
* Learn that guests choose their biscuits first.
* Even if you are angry you still have to speak nicely to your parents. This is a skill they will need when they get their first job working for an idiot. Sometimes you just have to shut up and smile politely.     
* Basically anything and everything that involves them reigning in their impulses and focusing on the bigger picture.
If you are interested in reading more from Nigel Latta he has both a facebook page  and a website, Goldfish Wisdom.
Holiday Reminder
Please note that all schools are closed for Easter.  The school holiday runs across Friday 30 March, Monday 2 April AND TUESDAY 3 April.  NZ schools have always had this Easter Tuesday holiday when the break falls during term time.
The last day of Term One is Friday 13 April, 3pm.
Upcoming Events and Trips
**** School Notices are available on the school website. ****
  • Scholastic Book Club – Please return all orders to the office or order online through their website Scholastic by next Monday 26th March.
  • Pacifica & Kapa Haka Groups – The Pacifica group has moved to Wednesday afternoons from 2pm to 3pm as the Kapa Haka group for years 3 to 6 will be taking place on Friday afternoons from 1.45pm to 2.45pm.
  • Updated – Regular Happenings & Groups – We have updated this form with some recent day and time changes – Regular Happenings & Groups 2018
  • Ideas for Home Learning – At our recent Meet the Teacher evening we shared some homework suggestions, copies are also available from the office.  Ideas for Home Learning
  • Parking – We have begun the year with a higher than normal number of parents dropping off and/or picking their children up from school.  This has led to heavy demand for parking spaces and some crazier than usual maneuvers. Please respect the rules of the road (including the 40km speed limit) and restrictions on parking (including the 10 min parking zone out the front, no parking between the signs out the back and NO parking in the school car parks).
    Of course, in line with our Travelwise policy, we promote our students (especially from Year 3 up) walking to school.  We have three Walking School Buses and children who live further from school can be dropped off a distance from the school so that they can complete their journey to school by foot.  Our Travelwise Students will be promoting active, safe travel to school over the next few weeks.
  • Sun Safety – Just a reminder that children will need sunhats at school every day.  Please make sure they are named.
  • Head Lice – Unfortunately these are very common in the community and we have noticed a recent increase in cases, please check your child’s hair regularly.  We have attached this information sheet with some handy advice – Head Lice Notice
  • Attendance – Please ensure that your children arrive at school on time and that we are aware of their absence by 9.00am each day.  You can either telephone the office and leave an absence message or go online to the school website and use the Report an absence tab.  We do follow up lateness and absence as we are required to report on both to the Ministry of Education and the Board of Trustees.  If you are planning a holiday in term time please advise your child’s teacher and the office.
  • Banking day is Thursday – please send ASB envelopes to the office.
  • Ez Lunch available all days of the week now. Please go to  to register and order.  More information available at the office.
  • Lost Property – please see the office or the hall kitchen for any lost items, please remember to name all clothing and hats.
  • WINDY RIDGE PARENTS Facebook – We have a closed Facebook page for Windy Ridge parents – you need to request to be part of this page.  It is a valuable page for reminders, information, and general WRS ‘stuff.
  • School Library – The library will be open from week 3 from 8.30am to 8.55am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings and during lunchtime.  The students will also get to visit once a week with their classes.
  • Music Lessons – John Casson from MusiqHub is now offering music lessons in Guitar & Ukulele at our school starting from next Monday 26th March from 9.30am, see the attached notice for more information. John Casson Flyer


Term dates 

School Terms 2018

Term 1     Thursday 1 February – Friday 13 April

                    WAITANGI DAY – Tuesday 6/02

                   EASTER: Friday 30/03 – Tuesday 3/04

Term 2     Monday 30/04 – Friday 6/07

                   Queens Birthday: Monday 4/06

Term 3     Monday 23/07 – Friday 28/09

Term 4     Monday 15/10 –  17/12  TBC

LABOUR DAY – Monday 22/10


PTA News 

  • Cake Day – This Friday it is Room 9’s turn to provide  cakes and muffins for sale, don’t forget to bring $1 to purchase something yummy.
  • Easter Raffle – Please bring tickets and money back to school by the 28th March, the raffle will be drawn on Thursday 29th.  Thanks for your support.
  • Entertainment Book Fundraiser –Hey all! We have connected with the Entertainment Book to help fundraise for the school. This book/app is amazing! I save way above the cost of the book in no time (last year it was within one 2 week school holiday) Available in book form or app (i recommend the app!) Purchase through this link before the 15th March and receive 2x Movie Tickets. Share far and wide – any purchase a % comes to the school ($14 from the Auckland ones)
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Community News

Thursday 22nd March – 7pm
Willow Park School Hall, 13-17 Compton Street

Come and hear Rawdon Christie gives us his take onthe Digital Revolution. Tickets are on sale now for $8
through Event Bright by following the following link. Willow Park School Event

Rawdon Christie is an award-winning broadcaster with twenty years’ experience in communication and media. His career started with the BBC but he is best
known for his five years presenting TVNZ Breakfast show, where he interviewed hundreds of guests, from senior politicians and business leaders to Oscar
winners and Olympic champions. Rawdon has now transferred his love of story-telling – and of talking – to helping others communicate.
He believes that effective spoken communication is essential in building any successful relationship, be it personal or professional, but he is worried that the digital revolution, while making communication easier than ever before, is also stopping us from talking to each other. His presentation WE NEED TO TALK
will look at our digital future and the challenges it presents.

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Kaipatiki Eco Fun Day
Sat 24th March 10-2pm Eskdale Reserve, 17 Lauderdale Road, Birkdale Is a fantastic, family event which aims to inform, encourage and inspire the local community on how to care for the local environment and live more sustainably. There will be tours and talks of Eskdale Reserve, Stream life activities, Boomerang Bags, Live Music, Hoola Hoop workshops, face painting, giant bubbles, Pest Free Kaipatiki, Compost Collective, yummy, fresh, healthy and raw food vendors, healthy, natural and sustainable products. More information about the month long events at
Kelly Sports
 Wicked Winter Sports! Term 2 after school sports on Fridays from 3.10pm to 4.10pm for years 0 to 5 students.
See the attached flyer for more information and booking information.

TAPAC’s April Holiday Programmes run by practising industry professionals are now open for enrolment on!

 We have 12 programmes for children and teens (aged 5-16 Years) running from Saturday 14 – Friday 27 April. There are 2-day, 3-day, full week and weekend workshops, as well as many new programmes across all artistic genres including “Screenwriting”, “Comedy and Improvisation” and “Make A Film”.



Auckland Live Kids 2018
Friday 9th March to Sunday 23rd December

Are you feeling tired and too busy to have time for YOU in your life? Highbury Community House is hosting a talk that will help you to get more energy and get un-busy, make time for you and not feel guilty about it!

Easy-to-implement tips that you can start doing straight away. Facilitated by Melissa Lowe, – a holistic based approach, focusing on health, nutrition and lifestyle behaviours.

Thursday 22 March, 7.30 – 9pm at Highbury House, 110 Hinemoa Street, Birkenhead.

Tickets cost $10 and are available at More info from or 480 5279


Kaipatiki Bike Gala

Sunday 25th March from 11.30am to 3pm at the YMCA

Y2355-North Shore Kaipatik Bike Gala A3


Cheerleading Classes – All Star Cheerleaders
Come along and join in the fun and try one of our free cheerleading classes, we run classes for pre-school all the way through to 18 year olds.  We have beginners classes to suit everyone.  If you would like to come along please feel free to contact us, either Ph 444-5597 or email  We will also be running a fun school holiday programme in the second week of the school holidays.  Misconceptions-about-Cheerleading-1
  Windy Ridge (2) (1)



LEGO® lovers look out! Ryan McNaught (aka Brickman), one of only fourteen LEGO Certified Professionals globally, will bring some of the world’s most iconic landmarks and masterpieces made exclusively from LEGO bricks to Auckland Museum in one month, just in time for the school holidays.

Discover 50 LEGO masterpieces that will be on display including the Taj Mahal, Michelangelo’s Statue of David, The Great Wall of China, the Empire State Building (complete with King Kong), the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Arc de Triomphe.

Book your tickets now to ensure you can experience the wonders of the world in LEGO at Auckland Museum!

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Free Books for Schools – We need your help

Mrs Ogden has signed us up to the Free Books in Schools with the Kellogg’s promotion. If you shop at New World and purchase a nominated Kellogg’s products then you can go online and select Windy Ridge School.

We can win up to 20 free books so please get your friends and families involved too.

  • Step 1 – purchase any Kellogg product with the Free Book artwork on it.
  • Step 2 – Register on (you’ll only need to do this once)
  • Step 3 – Upload your receipt
  • Step 4 – Select your school to receive the book pack

You are done! Thanks for helping us while you shop!   

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Parenting Helpline
 New flyer for advertisement (1)
French class poster
 Spanish lessons Milford Senior Citizens Hall Tuesdays from 3.50pm to 4.50pm – AD 2018 MILFORD
Is your child shy? Do they feel intimidated by the idea of public speaking and performance? Do they sometimes find it difficult to make eye contact? Do they just need 45 minutes a week to take part in organised craziness?! It’s not too late to join Marrzipan! We are looking for some awesome students to fill some parts in our play, which we will be performing for parents and their peers at the end of term. Come along to a Trial Lesson and see whether you like it! You can sign up for one directly via our website (we have contact numbers on there too, should you prefer to talk to a human!)

Kauri Park School – End of Summer Festival

EOSF 2018



Plastic Free K

Kaipatiki Community Facilities Trust Sustainable Neighbourhood Project.

Boomerang Bags ` `made in Kaipatiki “ is a community driven initiative tackling plastic pollution at the grassroots level through our KCFT Sustainable Neighbourhood Projects which is supported by the Birkenhead Licensing Trust.   The many dedicated volunteers get together to make re-usable bags using recycled materials as a means to provide a sustainable alternative to plastic bags in Kaipatiki.

To set the scene, of Plastic Free Kaipatiki, we absolutely need your help!   Keen Volunteers needed to help with cutting  and sorting the materials, pinning, ironing, stamping and sewing at the planned sewing bees.
All ages welcome! No experience required – sewers non sewers…….churches, community sites………every one volunteer is exceptional……..if you’re keen please let us know,   or if you  can donate material for this programme…….or other ideas, we welcome contact   Let’s see how many sewing bees we can add to the existing  at Bayview Community Centre,   Chartwell Hub and Beach Haven Community House.  Our  two lovely project leads Tracey and Alana……would be keen to hear from you.

The Facebook Page  Boomerang Bags North Shore Auckland    Thank you.