Hi again!

We have been very lucky in that Whangaparaoa School have lent us their costumes from their production of Ralph the Reindeer, which has taken a huge load of our shoulders. The information for the last remaining details of costumes are below.

Musicians and Choir- black/dark blue leggings or trousers, red/white/green top (logo/design free if possible),tinsel (any colour e.g. round heads, wrists), santa hat (if already have one)

Reindeers (Inc. Ralph, Rudolph)– brown leggings or trousers, brown top, antlers (if you have them) Ralph– GREEN nose (if possible)

Elves– brown leggings, red/green/white top, Santa hat (if you have one)

Toys– any dress up costume (I know we have a Batman in our team!), if you don’t have dress up then red/green/white top and leggings/trousers, present bow in their hair (if possible)

Santa- red and white and Santa hat.

Please do not feel you have to rush out and buy everything. We tried to choose colours we thought the children would have! Please come and see one of the team if you have any questions or concerns. 

Again, thank you for all your support in this adventure!

Team Fantail Teachers