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Science with our snails “Gary and Turbo”

Science Question of the day... "How does a snail move?" We found some snails today and decided to look at them scientifically. We observed and recorded what we noticed about the snail. Thinking about why [...]

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Gardening 2 — Planting Kumara

We are working together with our buddy class Room 8 planting kumara seedlings. Yay!!! We can't wait to have roasted kumara. 

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Sloths (An Information Report) Sloths are mammals. Sloths have fur.  Their colour is grey.  Their height is 80cm.  They are tall and have long arms. Sloths live in South and Central America.  They live in [...]

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Gardening 1 – Weeding

Room 10 had so much fun weeding the garden. We are getting the garden ready for spring planting.     

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Cross Country

People were zooming fast as a cheetah.  They were sooo fast.  I got trampled.  Sienna closed her eyes when I fell.  I hurt my ankle.   "Owww!!" I shouted.  I had to go to the [...]

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Rainbow Similes

As red as a burning fire. As orange as a beautiful flower. As yellow as the amazing sun. As green as bright grass. As purple as the sun rising. As blue as the sky. By [...]

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Dance Competition 2014

Room 11 did really well in our annual Dance Off Competition. Everyone was dressed beautifully and nerves were clearly visible. The final dance had come. Only our Year 5's competed after 6 weeks of lessons. It [...]

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Science in Room 11 – Ice Ice Baby

In Room 11 we are  experimenting with many different things. We are focussing on  what we notice, what we think is going to happen and wondering about what might happen if ... Ice Ice Baby [...]

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Cloudy Island

Cloudy Island Chrystal, Arisara, Maia and Lani went to Cloudy Island. “We were amazed,” said Chrystal.  “We saw crystals everywhere.  Arisara turned into a baby.  Maia found a wand and turned Arisara like Maia.  Then [...]

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Narrative Writing

Room 1 students have been learning how to write fictional narratives that are exciting for the reader to read.  We have been learning to do this by using vivid adjectives, similes and speech, and by [...]

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