It was my first day in art class.  I was with my mum, uncle, sister and Peter.  I sang “I’m going to Art School, Woohoo!!!”

I went in jumping like a grasshopper in happiness!!!  The teacher said “ARE YOU READY??!!”  “I am!” yelled my sister, embarrassing herself.  My uncle went to get lunch for the break.  

We started to make ceramics.  I did a sleeping squirrel.  It was cute!!!  My sister did a shoe.  She said it twinkles like a star in the sky.  Uncle and Mummy did a dog bowl for my dog Pepper.  

“Yay, it’s lunch,” I screeched.  “Yum,” I said.   

Now our ceramics go into the boiler.  It comes out beautifully.  We leave and come back next Tuesday.


By Nieve