Challenge: Design a boat that can hold the most weights.
What you need: a large sheet of wax paper,  cellotape, a stapler, a pair of scissors.
Be smart and creative!

Here are some results:

Kenta/Joshua: 170g

Blake/Jake: 170g

Taylor: 180g

Madison/Kalani/Zenita: 600g

Zoe: 270g

J P/Chase: 800g

Reigan: 740g

Ian: 450g


DSCF5134 DSCF5139 DSCF5148 DSCF5151 DSCF5154 DSCF5155 DSCF5162 DSCF5165 DSCF5174 DSCF5175 DSCF5181 DSCF5182 DSCF5187 DSCF5188