On Sunday the 14th of September it was a big day.  It was the Mud Rush.  I was freezing to death.  I was so nervous I had a sore tummy.

It was my turn.  Me and Katie waited and waited.  Finally we went.  When we got to the bottom of the hill we ran as fast as the wind.  First there was tape, then two tunnels, hay, rope, then a mud slide.  I went so fast, up a hill, over more hay, and then I climbed up on a rope.  On my bum I slid.

Now the fun part.  Down the big mud slide.  “Ouch, my back!”  A man helped me.  I felt better.

I missed a rope, then a muddy hole, another hole and some blow up things.  I took a short cut down a muddy hill, over a rope, into the bush and through a creek.  I went in more tape, out the bush, up to a mud slide and down it.

I am coming to the finish!  I got a hug from the mud monster and I got a chocolate.  I went to have a little wash.  I was nice and clean.  I got into other clothes, got a sausage and chips, and we went home.

By Jennifer