Here are photos from our fantastic Gumbrella Day, along with a few stories from Room 1 children.


On Gumbrella Day we decorated a boot.  Me and Amber got a medal and it said “Good girl”.  Me and Amber screamed because we were so happy and we were dancing.  By Rhiannon

Last week it was Gumbrella Day.  One of the activities was a treasure hunt.  We had to dig like dogs to find the card.  Everyone kept shouting “I found one, I found one!”  It was marvellous fun.   I thought I would find one.  I was a bit happy, but it was a lot of noise.  By Kate

One morning it was Gumbrella Day and the activity I liked was gumboot designing because I love to do art.  By Meagan

On Gumbrella Day there were a lot of activities.  There was gumboot throwing, competitions, finding hints in the sandpit, then line tag.  It was as fun as flying.  We weren’t even trying when our group . . . WON!  By Ella

The first activity was the treasure hunt.  Hana said “I think I found one” and she found one.  Hana answered a question and got a prize because she answered correctly.  It was awesome.  By Xander

 Thank you to Amber Porter for the photos 😀