Science Question of the day… “How does a snail move?”

We found some snails today and decided to look at them scientifically. We observed and recorded what we noticed about the snail. Thinking about why they were like that and giving our own explanation as to why and how they move like they do, and wondering about other questions we could inquire about.

We observed their silvery trails that they left behind as they slide across our black paper. Touched the slime and wondered why it felt sticky and what was its purpose?

The slime helps protect the snail’s sensitive foot by creating a barrier between it and the surface it is travelling on. We decided to test to see how protective this slime was for our snails and made them slide across a razor blade!!! To our amazement (and Mr K’s relief) the snail happily zoomed across the sharp razor blade with not even a scratch! Phew!

Next question…. “Do snails have teeth?” …. How could we test to find out?

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