The Trip to Cloud Island

One summer day I was climbing Cloud Island.  I got to the cloud and there was a troll booth.  The troll booth means you have to pay money to pass.  I thought “How do I get over?”

But a kangaroo came by.  I asked patiently, “How do I get over and can you help me?”

The kangaroo answered, “Well, you could try bouncing.”

“Well ok, I’ll try.” Guess what?  It worked!  I jumped as high as a kangaroo that’s trying to get a bird.  “Thank you kangaroo,” I said.

“Oh my, a bigger troll booth with a troll as big as a sky tower,” I gasped.  “How do we get past this bigger troll?” I thought.

“Um, excuse me but we could go under maybe?” the kangaroo asked.

“Let’s try,” I answered.  And it worked, so cool.  “Thanks for telling me to go as small as a crumb.”

Then I saw unicorns.  I went over to make friends with the unicorns.  But I got trapped in a trick trap (which means something traps you without warning).  But the unicorns helped me with beautiful magic.  I thanked the charming unicorns.

They showed me the way to where there were no traps.  I wanted to live there but first they showed me their friend – the walking, talking and swimming pencil.  He just jumped in the sea.

I asked, “Why did he swim away?”

The unicorns replied “Oh, he just does it when he meets new people and animals.”  I was surprised!

I asked “Can I live here?  I’ll just phone my Mum and Dad.  They’ll let me stay.”

The unicorns replied, “Yes, you can stay with us”.

We lived happily ever after.

By Kate