The Story of Candyland and a Little House

Part 1

As I climbed a tall mountain I got to the top.  I saw Ella.

“Hi Ella,” I said.

“Hi,” said Ella.  “Look, a pothole!”

“I’m going down it,” I said.

“I coming too,” muttered Ella.

“Yay,” I said.

“So fun, said Ella.

Part 2

When we got to the bottom I saw trolls.  I ran so fast.  The trolls ran as fast as the breeze.  I saw a little house that was as cute as a baby.

“Run Ella, run to the house!  We’ll shut the door and lock it!”

“I’m hungry,” moaned Ella.

“Well this house is made of candy,” I smiled.

Part 3

“Hi Daniel,” said Ella.

“Hi Jennifer and Ella.”

“Let’s go back,” said Ella.  “Down the long pothole.”

“Come on!  Goodbye Candyland!”

By Jennifer