The Forest on Cloudy Island

One day there lived five children.  They lived in a little cottage with their Mum and Dad.  They had a forest next to them. 

One day they went into the forest.  They trembled.

“The trees are whispering,” explained Amber.  “Look, there’s a big tree in front of us.”

“Wow,” said the children. 

The big tree was as big as a house and had windows on the trunk.  Somebody peeped out.  He had a round face like the moon.  His name was Moon Face.

“Hello,” said Moon Face.

Amber said, “Should we know you?”

“No.  It is the Faraway Tree I want to tell you about – Have you been to the Faraway tree?”

“No,” said the children.  “We’ve got to go.  Sorry Moon Face.” 

They went home and told their Mum and Dad what happened.  They had dinner and went to bed.

By Amber