Dragon Riders and Max

On the Mount of the Dragons they had a problem.  But on the other side of the world no one had heard of them.

One day Max was in class . . . the door burst open.

“The Dragon Riders are real!  Woooooooow,” yelled the kids in class.

The Dragon Riders said “Will you come with us?  Together we can go as fast as a dragon.”

“But I’ve got school,” said Max.

“Not anymore,” said Neia, the #1 Rider of the pack.  They whooshed away.  Before Max said “yes”, in two seconds flat, they were on the Dragon Mountain.

“We need to find your Dragon,” whispered DJ.  Arey agreed.

“What now?!!!!!” yelled Max.

“Shhhh!!!!!” they whispered together.  “I’ve got your dragon.

“But, but . . .  I do not know how to ride it.”

“Look into its eye.”

“I think I know who I am,” he burst out.

His dragon shot snow into the sky.  It was snowing.

By Nieve