Misty Island – Chapter 1

Once upon a time there lived some little children and they wanted to explore the legend of My Island.  Their names were Arnav, Lani, Kate, Amber, Hana and Rhiannon. 

When they went to bed they pretended to be asleep, and in the dead of night they woke up.

“Come on,” exclaimed Arnav.

“Hurry scurry,” whispered Kate.

“We will not give up,” announced Amber as she whispered cutely.

“But how do we get out if the door is locked and Mum has the door keys?” said Lani.

“I know, let’s jump out the window!!!” shouted Rhiannon, and they were off as fast as the wind as they scattered like cheetahs.

Soon they were on the ferry to Misty Island.  The boat started to drift off into the foggy sea.  Then they arrived at Misty Island.

To be continued . . .

By Lani