On Friday 5th September our school supported the efforts of KidsCan, which is a charitable foundation that is working to provide food in schools so children can concentrate on learning, not hunger.  Lots of families supported this initiative by donating a food item – thanks for your efforts!

We had to bring a can to school for KidsCan.  Then Campbell Live goes to school and gets the cans.  Then they give them to schools to feed kids that haven’t had breakfast and lunch.  (By Hayden, Rm 2)

On Friday the 5th of September it was Lunchbox Day.  We had to bring a can of some sort.  Some people didn’t bring cans.  KidsCan is sponsoring kids who have no food.  (By Toby, Rm 1)

On Friday we got lots of cans.  A big wall was building up in the office.  I brought one and my sister brought one for the huge tower as big as a block tower.  We brought them to school because it will help children who don’t have breakfast or lunch.  (By Kate, Rm 1)